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Kiran Chetry: Back “Soon!!!!!”

October 12, 2012

ICN: Not a Chance… Only three days ago, Carpe Diem speculated that former Fox News host and CNN anchor Kiran Chetry might once again arouse her fans in the early dawn on yet a third cable news channel, MSNBC. It reported that Kiran had that day announced that she and her “good buddy” MSNBC host Willie Geist were both keynote speakers at Pace University’s Financial Education Day (Pleasantville, NY). Furthermore, it noted that Geist was leaving his show Way Too Early and that Kiran might just be ready for her “very special opportunity” that she had envisioned when she left American Morning over a year ago.

Fellow blogger Spud seemed less than impressed with the author’s musings. In an ICN post a day later entitled, “Willie Geist to Today…,” he asked readers who the new Way Too Early host would be with the options of Luke Russert, Mike Barnicle, Richard Lui, Veronica De La Cruz, Thomas Roberts, and “someone else.” In an update to the article, he linked to Carpe Diem‘s “Kiran Chetry: Way Too Early?,” scoffing, “Not a Chance….”

However, last night, Kiran Chetry appeared ready and eager to get back in the cable news game. With the Vice-Presidential debate as a backdrop, Kiran sent an incredible forty missives (thirty-seven Tweets and three reTweets). Before the debate began, one of Kiran’s acolytes queried, “When are you coming back. [sic] We miss you.” Succinctly, she replied, “[S]oon!!!!!”

Perhaps, Spud is right: But, with the seasonal change, the ole boy may be a bit off his game. Last night, Kiran promised to come back “soon!!!!” And, she seems perfectly positioned to take the place of her “good buddy” Willie Geist at Way Too Early–even if the author wishes she would take her seat on the Fox & Friends curvy couch if her old nemesis, Gretchen Carlson, vacates it after the election.

Huddy: “Unlucky” & Hiding?

March 29, 2011

Juliet: I’ll be back very soon! As FNC correspondent Juliet Huddy’s unexplained absence from the air gets longer and longer, she continues to assure her anxious fans that she will indeed return to Fox News “soon.” However, she has been promising them just that for over three weeks–while offering them nary a hint as to why she is away.

On February 18, ICN reported that  Juliet had “disappeared” from the air on FNC a “few weeks” earlier and had not fielded a Johnny Dollar Tweet as to when she would return. However, two weeks later (March 6), Juliet broke her silence when one of her Twitter followers, TheDonAllen, inquired, “What are you doing now? I’m assuming you aren’t with FNC anymore. Everyone is”: Juliet tersely retorted, “‘Everybody’ would be wrong.” When he responded, “Well, that’s good to hear: Hope to see you again soon,” she elaborated, “You will! Thanks sweetie.”

Subsequently, after yet another two weeks had elapsed (May 21), Juliet still had not reappeared on FNC. Consequently, Twitter follower, DonnyRoss99, plaintively penned, “Miss seeing u on fox..always had a crush on you.” Anew, but more definitively, Juliet declared, “Awwwww thanks. Despite some of my conspiracy theorist tweeps, I’ll be back very soon!”

Nevertheless, as of Sunday (March 27), Juliet still had not returned to air on Fox News. Hence, yet another Twitter follower, BenYurcho, queried, “R u still with FNC?” Again, Juliet pledged, “Yes, I am still with Fox! Back soon.”

Hmm. Shortly, after the ICN article (February 21), supra, Juliet announced,”About to celebrate my 13 year anniversary as a Fox-er.”  Was she subtly signaling her ill luck of late to her followers and fans? If so, perhaps, she is simply waiting for her ill omens to blow over.

Regardless, the ardent acolytes of Juliet eagerly await her return. Until then, they are looking and listening for clues as  to why their lovely left them without a word. In the meantime, they are growing increasingly restless.

Update: The long wait over? On April 7, Juliet Tweeted, “I will be on in the next week or so. See you all soon.” Stay tuned.

Page Appears on MSNBC

December 23, 2009

Fans of former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Page Hopkins got an early gift in their stocking if they were watching MSNBC. (And that’s a big if for many of her former viewers at Fox News.) Page was spotted by ICN providing afternoon updates last Sunday: the cable news blog reported that her status was unclear, i.e., if she were a freelancer or a more permanent employee.

It has been over a year since Page Hopkins left Fox News reportedly on her own terms in late 2008. Page had been a rather popular F&FW co-anchor before being unceremoniously canned in early 2008. Subsequently, she was relegated to a rather minor role before her departure with little fanfare.

Page: A New Chapter

September 26, 2008

An observant ICN reported yesterday that the bio of Page Hopkins had been removed from the FNC site. Today TVNewser revealed that sources said former Fox & Friends co-host had indeed left Fox News recently on her own terms. Were these sources the same ones that said she was on vacation when FNC exiled her to Etna with an occasional pass (to guest host at the Breaking News desk on Happening Now)?

Page will be missed by her many fans, especially, those who deeply resented FNC’s sudden replacement of her and her co-hosts, Greg Kelly and Kelly Wright, without notice or explanation. Page is a real asset that FNC is losing. Hopefully, she will find a stint at another network that will fully utilize her talents.

Much continued success, Page!

CNN’s “Leg” Up

September 16, 2008

Thanks, ICN, for your “heads up” on CNN’s “leg” up on FNC on DirecTV. According to Swanni of, CNN took the lead in programming in HD while FNC “dragged its feet on the HD launch.” He added that FNC has now lost its favored status at a HD-capacity-starved DirecTV once FNC’s parent company, News Corp., ceded control of DirecTV to John Malone’s Liberty Media.

Since appreciation of distaff aesthetics has often led the way in technological progress in the visual media, it seems strange that Fox News is lagging so far behind CNN HD. Ironically, Rupert Murdoch’s cable news network, known for its unabashed celebration of the feminine form, e.g., in its selection of co-hosts, subject matter, and attitude, is following far behind in the footsteps of Ted Turner’s erstwhile jewel CNN, associated far too long with a stodgier, passe p.c. presentation of the news a la the dying dinosaur Big Three news networks. In CNN’s defense, it is slowly making progress in this regard, e.g., with its snare of Kiran Chetry as AM co-anchor, its choice of Janelle Rodriguez as AM executive producer, and its welcome embrace of a less sterile atmosphere.

Thus far, FNC has generally enjoyed a comfortable lead in the cable news race. However, how does it compare to CNN HD on DirecTV?