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Hostin: Hannity Honey?

February 4, 2009

Yes, legal lovely Sunny Hostin, Carpe Diem’s Hula Hoop Honey and American Morning’s Honey, seems to still be flirting anew with FNC. As CNN’s AM once again removed her from its reporters/correspondents list, FNC’s Hannity featured her Monday on its “Great American Panel.” The former fed prosecutor and CNN legal analyst took a moderate position: She was opposed, on one hand, to lib political consultant Bob Beckel’s rather lenient positon on the Michael Phelps affair, and against conservative host Sean Hannity’s somewhat stern view of Tom Daschle’s tax problems. As usual, Sunny luminated the studio: However, where will she set in the near future?

Sunny Honeybee’s Flight of Fancy

January 7, 2009

Where will American Morning’s correspondent Sunny Hostin finally alight? Today she landed again on Fox & Friends’ curvy couch this morning in a debate segment on cities’ not requiring job applicants to disclose a felony conviction. The CNN legal eagle was introduced by F&F co-host Steve Doocy merely as a former federal prosecutor.

Since four days ago AM’s guest host Joe Johns introduced Sunny as a legal analyst and her name reappeared on AM’s website as a correspondent,* this author deduced that she had returned to CNN with a renewed contract. Perhaps, I spoke prematurely. It appears that Sunny Honey** is still flitting about from flower to flower–not sure which cable news network beckons best.

Whoever Sunny selects should be happy to dance with the Hula Hoop Honey!



Sunny A.M. Again

January 3, 2009

Looking resplendent in her hot pink top and matching necklace, American Morning’s legal eagle Sunny Hostin has returned to CNN’s nest.* Introduced by AM guest co-host Joe Johns as “legal analyst” and now listed on AM’s web site as correspondent, the sunny sweetie shone as she explained newly enacted laws for the year 2009. AM fans, your hula hoop honey has come home!


Kiran: Sunny “Honey”

November 18, 2008

Did Kiran disclose an off-camera moniker for CNN’s legal eagle Sunny Hostin? After a presidential pardon segment with Sunny yesterday, American Morning’s co-host Kiran Chetry said, “Thanks so much, Honey!” Trying to recoup from her verbal slip, Kiran added, “Honey and Sunny, so good to see you.” Sunny smiled and responded, “Honey’s fine.” As they shared a good laugh, co-anchor John Roberts aptly added, “As long as you say it and not me.”

Sound familiar, Carpe Diem reader?