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Megyn Kelly: “Fu**”?

November 26, 2008

Megyn, did you say that? During a legal segment on Gina Salamino, a hot-for-student teacher suing her school district for firing her for her relationship, Megyn seemed to forget she was on air on America’s Newsroom. In the heat of the debate, Megyn pointed out that the student Joshua Walter (now an international model) did not attend school the year in question and apparently asked, “So does she have a legitimate defense? And if he wasn’t a student, they could fuc(*), * they had no right to fire her. Being the consummate pro, Megyn seemed to recover well with the elision of the “k” and the smooth transition to the alternate assertion.

Perhaps, Megyn was a bit overly enamored with the Hugo Boss and H & M model. At the end of the story, Megyn asked, “Can we just see that picture one more time…of the two of them? She added, “Look how happy she is! He is one very good looking seventeen year old.” One of the discussion participants Lis Wiehl cautioned, “That’s not a defense, Megyn.”

* 10:37 a.m. ET