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Gretch Grates

March 21, 2008

Gretchen Carlson, co-host of Fox & Friends, had a blond moment when she criticized Obama for using the term “typical white person.” As Steve Doocy, the blond-haired guy who is not Brian Kilmeade, opined that Hillary could not get away with calling one, “a typical Irish person” or “a typical black person,” his Swedish co-hort apparently thought that Obama had used this appellation in his well-received race relations speech after the Rev. Wright brouhaha. Gretchen indicated that Obama and his advisers must have considered various terms and decided on this controversial rubric for a reason: she went on and on in an embarrassingly emotive fashion to the chagrin of her knowing co-hosts. (In reality, Obama had compared his beloved grandmother to a “typical white person” extemporaneously in an interview on a Philly sports show when explaining his much-maligned reference to his nana in his earlier oration.)

At the end of one Obama segment, Brian Kilmeade walked off the set. reported that he did so in a serious row with his co-hosts. However, any faithful viewer of F&F knows that Kilmeade does this for entertainment value on a regular basis.

However, the HuffPost was right when it related how Chris Wallace chastised the F&F co-hosts for “Obama-bashing.” He did so seriously and at length. Brian Kilmeade defended himself and accurately stated that he had gone to bat for Obama. Chris Wallace said that he had not heard Brian’s comments in that regard. As the segment ended, Steve asked Chris if he were going to tell people not to watch F&F again, and Chris replied that he would not but that he had been unhappy with F&F’s take on Obama. Then he added that he still loved F&F. Doocy icily responded that Chris had a funny way of showing it.