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Krakauer’s Kiran Scoop?

September 17, 2010

Not quite. Over a week after the author penned Carpe Diem‘s “Crusty John: 2 Curt 2 Kiran?,” Steve Krakauer wrote his  Mediaite piece, “CNN’s John Roberts Scolds Co-Author Kiran Chetry Live On-Air.” Appearing to suggest an exclusive, Krakauer wrote, “A few people have asked us why no one’s written about this jaw-droppingly awkward interaction between American Morning co-anchors John Roberts and Kiran Chetry last week.” (N.B. He did not say that no one had written about it.) Immediately thereafter, he added, “After some searching, we found what they were talking about.”

Krakauer did not have to go far. As someone who has noted that Carpe Diem “chronicles cable news morning shows” and extensively cited this Carpe Diem author in his Mediaite article, “Fox and More Than Friends – A Host and Guest iPregnancy” (about the Clayton Morris/ Natali Del Conte affair), Krakauer simply had to go to Carpe Diem‘s site and find the answer there.

Unfortunately, Krakauer apparently forgot to cite Carpe Diem and/or the author this time. Nor did he even provide a courtesy h/t to Carpe Diem or the author. Meanwhile, Krakauer basks in a surreal h/t from the Huffington Report as its source for its story on Roberts’ rudeness to Chetry.

Update: Krakauer’s appreciated response: “Hey I hadn’t seen it on your site – happy to add an update with a link.”