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Blunt: Friel, “You’ve Been Drinking!”

April 23, 2011

Courtney: “Will you tell me [I’m beautiful]? Fox & Friends Weekend  entertainment reporter Courtney Friel, a former Maxim model, seemed to crave some carnal approval from her dreamy interviewee,  singer James Blunt. Unfortunately, for her, she got less love from him today for her postpartum body than she had received from superstar Trace Akins for her very “preggers”  figure over six months ago.

This morning, Courtney interviewed Blunt about his newest release, Some Kind of Trouble, during a promotional appearance on FNC. After asking the English vocalist about his third album, his American tour, and his private life, at length, Courtney thanked him for his appearance and then curiously concluded, “And, guess what!” Smiling, she began to sing his signature single title, trilling, “You’re beautiful.”

Laughing, Blunt exclaimed, “You’ve been drinking!” Smiling seductively, Courtney cooed, “How many people have told you that?” Acknowledging her blandishment but evading her query, Blunt replied, “That’s very sweet.”

Persisting, Courtney importuned, “Will you tell me it?” Seemingly slightly irritated, Blunt abruptly turned his head away from Courtney. Looking down, he answered, “Uh, maybe, off camera.”

Ouch. However, Courtney should not feel too bad that the handsome Blunt was not willing to stroke her postpartum ego on camera by singing, “You’re Beautiful.” After all, she can still feel somewhat confident: When she asked the more macho Trace Adkins to rate her rather preggers “[Honky Tonk] badonkadonk” on air (on F&FW six months ago), he solicitously declared, “It’s beautiful.”

Nevertheless, if Courtney still needs some reassurance about her body, perhaps, she will ask her fans the next time. But she better be prepared. Her male admirers may well request another Maxim shoot first.

Friel: Trace, How’s My Badonkadonk?

October 10, 2010

Atkins: “Well, it’s not as big as your belly.” Ouch? Fox & Friends Weekend entertainment reporter Courtney Friel got cheeky with country star Trace Adkins during an interview after his Grand Ole Opry performance last night. In return, Atkins gave the former Maxim model‘s rear a stinging slap figuratively. But, the only thing probably slightly bruised was her ego.

In her taped interview, Courtney asked Atkins about his feelings as to the Opry’s 85th anniversary, the recent Opry renovations post flood, and Donald Trump’s possible presidential run. Then, concluding her colloquy, Courtney saucily asked, “Final question, I’m seven months pregnant. I’m wondering how my badonkadonk‘s holding up?”* As Atkins goatishly stepped behind her for a better look, a frisky Courtney happily turned her backside toward him so that he could check it out. After his conspicuous, carnal inspection, he looked her in the eyes and deadpanned, “Well, it’s not as big as your belly.”

Smiling but flushed, Courtney pointed to herself, importuning, “I’ll be a hot momma?” Chuckling heartily, Atkins replied, “I probably–should I not have said that?” As Courtney tittered, Atkins continued, “I don’t know. There is no correct answer to the question that she just asked me, people.” Giggling, Courtney concluded, “Well, thanks so much for talking to us.” Pointing to her derriere with his eyes, Atkins artfully added, “It’s beautiful.”

When the interview footage ended, Courtney appeared onscreen suggestively with her left forefinger in her mouth. Looking at the camera coquettishly, she explained, “He is the authority on the “Honky Tonk Badonkadonks, right?” Shrugging her shoulders defensively, she continued, “So, I had to ask him about it. Now, I feel a little better, being preggers and all.” Then, tossing back to co-hosts Dave Briggs and Alisyn Camerota, Courtney remarked, “Next hour, we’re going to be talking to Dolly Parton so I do hope that you will stick around.”

Beaming broadly and arching his eyebrows, Dave randily replied, “Oh, we will!” Chiming in, Aly (Dolly devotee and “impersonator”) racily remarked, “Absolutely! You’ll have to ask her about some of your other body parts. She also is an authority.” Then, stating the obvious to the audience, Dave added, “Yeah. Use your imagination.”

As to Courtney’s bum, assuredly, Atkins had to use very little.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/10/10 (@8:39 a.m. ET)

Update: Courtney Tweets video link to her Trace Adkins interview, including her aforementioned conversation with Aly and Dave.