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Ashleigh: Zoraida, “React!”

February 27, 2012

Well, it‘s terrible.” Today Early Start co-anchor Ashleigh Banfield demanded that her co-host Zoraida Sambolin do what she seems to too oft not do, i.e., react–or, at least, say more. Perhaps, Ashleigh feared that “Page 6” [updated February 2] sources may indeed be right: the two of them “just don’t gel”–she “talks to much” and Zoraida “doesn’t say enough.”

Early this morning, when Zoraida read a headline news story (about an octogenarian veteran who had been brutally carjacked by an assailant and subsequently had been largely ignored by bystanders), Ashleigh shook her head and exclaimed, “Makes you sick!” As Zoraida succinctly answered, “It’s, it’s pathetic,” Ashleigh gesticulated somewhat histrionically and emotively elaborated, “‘A,’ that he’s a vet; ‘b,’ that he’s an elderly gentleman; ‘c,’ that he was carjacked in front of everybody; and ‘d,’ that people walked right by. Please! Am I outraged enough!” As Zoraida rather sedately remarked, “Oh, it’s terrible,” Ashleigh demanded, “React!”

In response, Zoraida softly said, “Well, it’s terrible.” Without so much as a verbal reply to her co-host, Ashleigh incongruently chuckled and turned to the camera. Then, to her ES audience, she simply said, “It’s twenty-three minutes past five. Uh, let’s get  you up to speed on your early reads.”

Guess it’s still Ground Hog Day at ES.

*Early Start – 02/27/12 (@ 5:23 a.m. ET)