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Aly: In For Gretchen

March 12, 2009

“In for Gretchen.” When Fox & Friends guest co-host Alisyn Camerota mellifluously uttered those three words yesterday, it was music to the ears. The viewer knew exactly what to expect. I.e., Fox & Friends at its best: informative, irreverent, and edgy. With the smart, sexy, and confident Aly in the center seat, the real A-Team delivered yesterday and today. Tomorrow’s prospects look equally good.

A Gretch hater? No. But Aly increases the tempo, is on her toes, and keeps the boys on theirs. She doesn’t demand respect: she earns it. She’s an alpha bitch in the best sense of the term: Gretch is not.

As to Gretch, she would be good with Julie Banderas later in the daytime. The former Miss America would be taken out of her comfort zone by the feisty, fiery Latin beauty. Gretch could learn to loosen up, let her hair down, and, maybe, with a few mohitos, mix it up a bit without needing to be in control or to be coddled.

If Aly moved into the weekday F&F and Gretchen teamed with Julie, Fox & Friends Weekend would lose its leader. Whether F&FW could survive another rudderless voyage is doubtful. However, if Ainsley Earhardt steps it up a notch and loses her reflexive deference, maybe, she can pilot the ship again.

Aly Schools Gretch

February 11, 2009

Absentee Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson was tutored today by her Fox & Friends fill-in F&F Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota, who provided much needed relief to this Louisiana lad whose DVR malfunctioned after a stormy night. The saucy Italian dish looked delectable in her tight white top and a short ebon skirt (albeit with noxious nylons) as her mellifluous voice coaxed this churlish chap from his soporific state. She spiced up the too often bland fare that F&F has been serving up as of late.

Even though an attractive Gretch does not quite have Aly’s allure, she would do well to model Aly’s delightful demeanor. Instead of greeting her stirring viewers with grating gripes or cause celebres a la E.D. Hill, she should coax them from their beds with informed, witty, disinterested dialogue coupled with a fun, flirty flair.

In other words, Gretch, don’t grouch: There is a reason that O’Reilly is on in the evening.

Aly Saves F&FW

November 8, 2008

Alisyn Camerota proved that FNC finally got it right. TheirĀ  decision to return the delicious Italian dish to Fox & Friends Weekend has single-handedly righted its wayward course. She’s smart, sassy, and, oh, so sexy! To top it off, the jaunty journalist has schooled her juvenile and jejune juniors, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs: Morris acts more mature and Briggs less scatter-brained.

The author did not think that FNC suits would transfer Aly (F&F newsreader) to its weekend version. It seemed unlikely that they would trust their prized regular Fox & Friends to Gretch Carlson as its lone female: Happily, they did and Fox & Friends Weekend is the better for it. As for the weekday F&F, it is still rather good: while Gretch does not have Aly’s ready rapport with co-hosts Steve and Brian nor her heat factor with the male audience, she does seem to be becoming better prepared, more assertive and less uncomfortable in the center seat. (Of course, F&F gives Aly’s fans their fix with her frequent appearances as guest host and green room blog babe.)

For F&FW, Aly Oakley was a sure shot: She saved their day.

Gretch Does “Palin” 4 Wallace

October 17, 2008

Ever ready to tease Chris Wallace, Gretch donned dark horn-rimmed glasses and had her hair in an updo. In the promo for Fox News Sunday, Brian Kilmeade asked Chris if Katie Couric had stolen Palin’s patented updo for the Al Smith dinner: when F&F juxtaposed pics of Couric and Palin, Chris said that they did look alike but that Katie had more bling. At the end of the segment, Gretch was doing her Palin.

Chris smiled and exclaimed, “Oh! Gretch playfully pouted, took off her glasses, and gave him the doe eyes. Chris said, “I got in trouble…with Mrs. Wallace, talking too much about Gretchen and the cowboy hat so I cannot comment on her looks.” As Gretch listened, she grinned broadly and said, “I remember.” Then she gave him a big wave, a western “Adios,” and wished him well in his interview with John McCain.