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Smoldering Sambolin: “That’s So Wrong!”

October 12, 2012

Berman: If that’s why you’re Googling [Paul Ryan] shirtless, that’s, that’s your own business. Early Start co-host Zoraida Sambolin, the caliente CNN senorita too oft with the dress just a little too long and the heels just a little too short, let her fans know today that she is assuredly smoldering–even on the job. And, her co-anchor John Berman gave her good-natured grief for it.

During a post-V.P.-Debate segment, Zoraida and John interviewed Google Election Team member Abbi Tatton for trending Internet search terms as Vice President Joe Biden and GOP V.P. nominee Paul Ryan battled.* After Tatton indicated that “Biden,” “conflating,” “malarkey,” and “who is winning the debate” topped the list, John asked her also for what Google users searched in conjunction with the candidates names. In response, she noted that they looked for Biden’s age, his “laughing,” and his wife Jill whereas they were searching for something quite different with Ryan, e.g., “shirtless” and “workout.”

Meanwhile, a seemingly embarrassed Zoraida began to chuckle. Looking over at Zoraida, John teased, “This is during the debate people are saying, ‘Paul Ryan shirtless’?” In reply, Tatton disdainfully declared, “While they’re talking about Afghanistan, Iran, the ayatollahs, then people are searching for what does he look like without his shirt on.”

Defensively, Zoraida riposted, “Well, because it’s such a big deal that everybody’s talking about it. I gotta tell you [that] I must admit that I also Googled it.” Grinning, a reddening Zoraida added, “This was early on, though.”

Subsequently, in the following EP block, a smiling Zoraida introduced the very next story, saying, “Morning after the Vice Presidential debate and there’s a lot of talk about Paul Ryan pumping iron. It’s our late night laughs.”** After airing clips of late-night comics Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel mocking Ryan’s Time Magainze iron man poses with weights, Zoraida turned to a smirking John: Sheepishly, Zoraida insisted, “Alright, the intense fascination is because he works out to P90X which is really an intense workout.”

Shaking his head incredulously, John jested, “You know, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. If that’s why you’re Googling him shirtless, that’s, that’s your own business!”

Blushing, Zoraida retorted, “I did it for my job!” Chuckling, she playfully slapped John on the arm. After their shot had ended, an off-cam Zoraida exclaimed, “That’s so wrong!”

So wrong. Or, so right for a blossoming chemistry between Zoraida and John.

*Early Start – 10/12/12 (@ 5:54 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at @ 5:59 a.m. ET.

Kiran: Republicans Yahoos?

October 26, 2010

John: “Beats me. I don’t know. Wow!” Were American Morning co-hosts Kiran Chetry and John Roberts flying their true colors only one week away from the mid-term elections? In a “Morning Talkers: Red or blue brands?” segment, Kiran and John reported on a recent survey that indicated that “Google is the favorite brand of Democrats…while Fox News topped the brand list of Republicans.” Not surprisingly, John took the opportunity to whack rival Fox News but, interestingly, Kiran seemed to possibly snipe at her Republican fans instead.

Introducing the story, Kiran stated, “How you vote could decide which brands you choose as well. A new survey looks at how your political party affects brand loyalty. They found that Google was the top blue brand.” Strangely, veering off-script (since the survey merely mentioned brand loyalty in general rather than within particular categories), Kiran commented, “This was weird, though. Everybody uses Google.” When she got back on message, stating, “Fox News, the top red brand,” John derisively declared, “Wow! Surprise there.”

After Kiran listed a few more brands, she ad libbed, “But Google being a blue thing? That’s–everybody uses Google.” With eyebrows furrowed, John queried, “That’s kind of interesting. Well, if you’re a Republican, what search engine do you use?” Shaking her head, Kiran replied, “I don’t know.” Perhaps, using a double entendre, she laughed, “Yahoo?” Shrugging his shoulders, John responded, “Beats me. I don’t know. Wow!”

Another CNN “we Democrats” moment?

American Morning – 10/26/10 (@7:25 a.m. ET)