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Jane: Gonna Beat That Little Kilmeade Girl

February 26, 2009

Happening Now’s co-anchor Jane Skinner put Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade and his little girl on notice today. After FNC correspondent Courtney Friel complained in a Girl Scout segment that she had not received her five boxes of  cookies from Brian’s daughter, Jane replied, “Starting Monday morning, I have two seven-year olds who will be happy to sell you as many as you want.”  Courtney responded, “Really? Okay, definitely send them to me, the Thin Mints and the Tre-foils, my favorite.” Co-host Jon Scott interjected, “Brian Kilmeade, you snooze, you lose.” Jane jested, “We’re gonna beat that little Kilmeade girl!”

Jane and kids just may nose Kilmeade and kin out. Wanna wager, Brian? Never mind: According to Dave, you wouldn’t deliver on that either. What did you say, Clayton?