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Ailes’ Virgin Vixen?

May 10, 2010

Gerri Willis: CNN cloistered cutie to FBN femme fatale? Roger Ailes’ latest CNN snatch made her virgin appearance on Red Eye Saturday night. From the moment host Greg Gutfeld heralded her first appearance on RE, Gerri seemed timid, stiff, and stilted as she warily navigated RE‘s Kafkaesque labyrinth.

Further, the future Willis Report anchor inexplicably botched her chance to shine as to the big biz question of the day. When, during the RE “Halftime Report,” Andy Levy asked, “Gerri, what exactly happened with the stock market today?,” she, stating the obvious, replied, “It went down.”* As Andy motioned for more, Gerri simplistically answered, “It went down big time.” In response, Andy acerbically sniped, “Wow! I really want to demand Fox Business now.” Smiling abashedly, Gerri responded, “Oh, why am I here?” Subsequently, when Andy asked again, a flustered Gerri declared, “I was warned about this and I didn’t listen. I came anyway. And, now I am so mad at myself.”

At that moment, perhaps, Fox News and Fox Biz boss Roger Ailes had his own second thoughts about Gerri. When he announced her hiring, he stated, “Most of the CNN talent have been restrained from showing what they can do — we’re looking forward to providing Gerri with a platform at Fox Business to showcase her financial acumen and television expertise.” Maybe, Gerri is still finding her sea legs. Speaking of which, perhaps, next time Greg will give her the vaunted “leg chair” and Gerri can start to adapt  (a la Patti Ann Brown) to her new station on the U.S.S. Roger Ailes.

The transformation of this former Jon Klein girl-in-chains may take some time.

*Red Eye – 05/09/10 (12:32 a.m. ET).

[Editorial aside: As to Andy’s saying “today” when speaking of the stock market decline, apparently, he was referring to RE‘s production date (Friday) not its airing one (Sunday).”]

A.M.: Aesthetics Masked

January 27, 2009

With the dawn of a new presidency promising optimism to the States, American Morning’s fashion has signalled the polar opposite. As Kyra Phillips posited, the unveiling of the feminine form augurs well for an economic boon. However, after Obama’s inauguration, AM seems intent on presaging inauspicious days ahead.

Unfortunately, AM’s executive producer Janelle Rodriguez has allowed AM’s foxy trio of Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, and Christine Romans to clad themselves in garb more befitting a funeral procession than a wedding party. Kiran has hidden her fab figure behind various distaff obfuscations, e.g., turtlenecks, slacks, and hosiery; Alina has cloaked herself diurnally in maxis (not to mention her horrid Ping-Pong-ball necklaces); and Christine has adopted the priggish attire of her business bud Gerri Willis.

Janelle, according to President Obama, America needs a stimulus package now!

AM’s B-POD Beauty

August 5, 2008

Fear not, Jon Stewart fans, I’m not referring to Ali Velshi, the bald prophet of doom. I’m speaking of American Morning’s Gerri Willis, the blonde prophet of delight (as John Roberts dubbed her). Last Thursday the usually serious, subdued business beauty bravely displayed a little leg in a white mini and the AM camera showed some appreciation for her fresh jauntiness with a lingering look or two.

AM’s executive producer, Janelle Rodriguez, continues to awaken CNN’s morning news program from its slothful slumber. Her new fun, flirty flair is a welcome wake-up call. Rise and shine!