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Gretch: “Let’s Not Bring That Up”

September 26, 2008

Tuesday Steve Doocy told the Fox & Friends viewers that Gretchen Carlson was away “on assigment” after her shellacking by Shepard Smith Monday. Today Brian Kilmeade and Steve welcomed Gretch back from the West Coast. No mention of the assignment or what that may have entailed was mentioned.

When Geraldo Rivera appeared later to promo his weekend show, he alluded to Shep’s cutting criticism of F&F indirectly. After Brian read a story about a bomb scare at the Philladelphia Phillies over some left-over foil-wrapped franks. Geraldo said, “Shepard Smith is going to complain about you reading that story: It’s all hotdogs!” Gretch responded, “Let’s not bring that up, shall we?

One can’t blame Gretch for wanting Shep’s appearance to remain in the can. An F&F segment hasn’t been panned that pointedly by an Fox News colleague on air since Chris Wallace zinged the F&F co-hosts for Obama bashing earlier this year. Moreover, Gretchen hasn’t been that dismissed since her attempted questioning of Jackie Mason in his earlier appearances.


E.D. Again: Relates 2 “Nut Cut” Comment

July 19, 2008

Bill O’Reilly guest host, E.D. Hill, continued to push the Obama offense envelope last night. The former co-host of America’s Pulse, who lost her show shortly after asking if the Barack/Michelle Obama knuckle knock was a “terrorist fist jab,” told Geraldo Rivera that she could relate to Jesse Jackson’s “nut cut” comment. Geraldo responded, “What do you mean?” E.D. jested, “I’ve been through a divorce” and clarified that she didn’t mean it in a racial way after an Geraldo prompt. Part of the Texas beauty’s allure is her brash and blunt nature: however, one would expect her to try to be a mite more circumspect in her ad libs after her initial Barack blunder.


Sweet Silly Swede

June 6, 2008

Why must Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson continue to feed me fodder in such ample supply? Today Geraldo Rivera and Brian Kilmeade had a spirited exchange about the legal rights of Gitmo prisoners with a particular emphasis on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the purported 9-11 attack mastermind. Not surprisingly, Geraldo argued that Khalid should be accorded rights as if he were on American soil while Brian contended that Khalid’s rights should be much more sharply curtailed. The debate was heated but civil.

Gretch couldn’t stand the heat: she tried unsuccessfully to lighten the polemic. She interjected repeatedly with regard to Khalid’s complaint that his court sketches were unflattering as to his nose. She sillily asserted, “I like his nose better in the sketch.” As the discussion continued, she moved close to Steve Doocy, put her arm around him, and said, “I’m scared.” Her fellow Swede co-host replied, “I’m scared.” Both kiddingly cowered and, finally Steve shouted, “Cut.”

Gretch should be able to move seamlessly between the hard news and the soft segments. However, she seems to have problems with a more hard-nosed approach. E.g., just yesterday she got hammered again by Hillary Clinton lackey Lanny Davis and has been snubbed on two consecutive occasions by Jackie Mason. Does anyone think that Megan Kelly, Page Hopkins, or American Morning’s Kiran Chetry would allow themselves to be abused by these old school boys? Gretch is a bit too sweet like Ainsley Earhardt: the difference is that Ainsley is on the weekend.

Geraldo Swipes Schwartzenegger

April 18, 2008

In his promo for his weekend show on Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera got hit on the head with his own homing pigeon’s proverbial poop. As Brian Kilmeade introduced an interview segment with Arnold Schwartzenegger, the controversial FNC correspondent and host made a futile attempt at humor at the California governor’s expense.

Amid his fellow co-hosts Steve Doocy and Alisyn Camerota and guests Geraldo and Joe Piscopo, Brian teased, “I sat down with Arnold Schwartzenegger and we talked politics, we talked bodybuilding.” Geraldo Rivera interrupted, “Did you sit in his lap?” Kilmeade, “No, I didn’t sit in his lap but I’m actually stronger than him now.” Geraldo sniped, “Because he’s off steroids?” His comment was met with shock and discomfort by Kilmeade and crew. Geraldo hushed, quit smiling, and appeared to realize his gaffe.

Obama Smeared by Bush/Clinton Cabal

March 17, 2008

As Barack Obama rode high in the polls against Hillary and threatened the maverick McCain, one could hear the incestuous dual dynasties of Bushes and Clintons sharpening their swords. The first black presidential candidate with a real chance of success has been soaring with our national bird lately and threatening the two families’ control of the White House. He leads in the popular vote, the pledged delegates, and total delegates and appears poised to take JFK’ and MLK’s mantles. Now Fox News’ unlikely pair, GOP cheerleader Hannity and Clinton shill Geraldo, are slamming Obama and questioning his presidential bid because of the ramblings of Obama’s pastor. Respected NPR and FNC contributor Juan Williams, a seeming supporter of Hill, is piling on albeit in his suave, sophisticated, and mellifluous manner. On this St. Patrick’s day, Obama must beware the snakes that may threaten his bid.