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Juliet: Check Me Out on Good Day NY Now!!!

October 9, 2012

Huddy: I’ll be here for a while. :) Former Fox & Friends First co-host Juliet Huddy has a brand new gig, Fox 5 Good Day NY co-host, seemingly. Yesterday, GDNY announced its apparent new addition on Facebook with the post of a pic of Juliet and its other hosts, remarking, “So as you’ve probably noticed by now… Juliet Huddy from Fox News Channel is sitting in with us on the anchor desk… welcome!” As to whether she will be anchoring GDNY permanently, Juliet Tweeted, “I’ll be here for a while. :).”

In her debut appearance yesterday, Juliet Tweeted, “Hey tweeps! Check me out on Good Day NY NOW!!! Love my crew.” After the show, she gushed, “Had a great first day. Have known some of these folks for years, so the day seemed seemless [sic] :).” Today, still seemingly in her honeymoon stage at GDNY, she Tweeted, “LOVE MY O’s, my buds her at Fox 5, my little bro John and pizza.” To her male admirers, she added, “To clarify: John Huddy from Fox 5 is my BRO. NOT my husband lol!”

Congratulations, Juliet!

[Author’s aside:  Juliet votaries who do not have access to Fox 5 in New York can still see her on the O’Reilly Factor “Did You See That” segment and’s “Kitchen Stars.”]

Wiehl: “Rooting” Lindsay?

July 14, 2010

From Lindsay Lohan’s “Freaky Friday” to Lis Wiehl‘s “Hump Day”? After reading Fox News legal analyst Wiehl’s “Just Go to Jail, Lindsay,” the author was still not sure what the sexy former prosecutor had in mind for the wayward waif. After Wiehl encouraged the troubled starlet to take the high road, serve her time, and be an example to her young female following, she exhorted Lindsay to do it for herself. Subsequently, sounding like one of Lindsay’s possible reality-series-bad-girl cellmates, Wiehl concludes, “And we’ll all be rooting you.”

Copy edit error or artistic license by the racy New York Times best-selling novelist?  Rather, Lis Wiehl: Lindsay Lohan cheerleader or cellmate? Either way, Lis, it might make for a “mean” book.