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Spit It Out, Mike!

April 20, 2010

“Eyjafjallajokull”? As his fellow journalists struggled to pronounce the name of Iceland’s erupting volcano, Fox News correspondent Mike Emanuel found it impossible to spit out the word “unanimity.” More embarrassingly, America’s Newsroom co-anchors Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer tried unsuccessfully to help him.

During Mike’s segment on Iran’s future threat to the U.S. in light of a recent Pentagon report, Martha asked about the “big picture.” Starting smoothly, Mike answered, “[Iran is] trying to do everything it can to increase its influence in the region and throughout the world by countering the United States, countering the West in trying to emphasize Islamic una, uh, ah. Struggling, Mike, continued, “How shall I say it? Ah, unanim.” Frustrated, he declared, “Uh, I can’t speak.”

Trying to come to Mike’s aid, Martha asked, “Unity?” More helpfully, Bill offered, “Unanimity?” No game for another go, Mike gratefully exclaimed, “Exactly!”

As Martha howled with laughter, a smiling Emanuel abashedly added, “I just need…more coffee. I was up reading the report all night. Sympathetically, Martha responded, “Listen, it was all perfect until then, Mike. It was perfect, perfect, and very informative, and kind of frightening actually.” Appreciatively, Mike replied, “Thank you very much. You know what I mean.”

Sweetly, Martha responded, “We always know what you, Mike. We love you. Thank you, Mike.” Sensing that Mike might need a brohug, too, Bill added, “He’s a good man.” “Sure is,” Martha agreed. Grinning, Mike answered, “Thank you very much.”

Poor Mike must be dreading his Reykjavik rotation.

*America’s Newsroom – 04/20/10 – @10:03 a.m. ET