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Game Gretchen: “Hubby, Daddy”

October 20, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Gretchen Carlson gave a saucy “shout-out” to her hubby Casey Close. After co-anchor Steve Doocy defended his use of the term “mommy” for his wife during a “Don’t Say That!” segment (featuring an Esquire article about words a man should never say), Gretchen agreed. She said, “I’ve heard a lot of men do that: My husband hasn’t started that yet.”

As a spicy aside, she playfully pleaded, “Hubby, Daddy, if you’re watching, don’t call me ‘mommy.'” When Brian Kilmeade subsequently asked her if the moniker was a turn-off as a woman, Gretchen responded, “I just said, I just said to my daddy at home, ‘Don’t call me “mommy.”‘”

Apparently, not all of the games in the Close household are on the field.