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Huck: McCain, Thompson “Not Smart Enough”?

January 13, 2012

FNC host Mike Huckabee: “Being called a liar by both John McCain and Fred Thompson…not good.” In his appearance on America Live this afternoon, anchor Megyn Kelly offered the former Arkansas governor and 2008 GOP Presidential candidate the chance to respond to the denials by both his former rivals John McCain and Fred Thompson to his claim that McCain had asked Thompson to stay in the race to help split the conservative vote to boost McCain’s chances.* Before doing so, Huckabee declared, “Being called a liar by both John McCain and Fred Thompson…is not good but, heck, I’ve been called worse by a lot of people, Megyn.”

Then, Huckabee explained, “I heard that news from my campaign chairman Ed Rollins who heard it from three different sources inside the [McCain] camp.” Deftly, he continued, “I thought it was a compliment in that it was a brilliant political move if they did it.” Then, with a sly smile, he snarked, “Now…if they weren’t smart enough to do it, then I apologize for giving them the benefit of being that smart.”

Ouch. Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Forgotten?

America Live – 01/13/12 (@ 1:19 p.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For video of Thompson’s denial today on Fox & Friends, link here.]

Obamarama: Ishmael’s Morning or Isaac & Friends?

June 4, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama: harbinger of hope to the Muslims or angel of gloom to the Jews? How one viewed Obama’s address to the Muslim world may well be influenced by which cable news prism one may have looked through. E.g., if one watched it on CNN, it may have seemed like Ishmael’s Morning: However, if one saw it on FNC, it may have appeared to be Isaac and Friends.

After the author watched Obama’s speech, he noticed that almost all of the American Morning commentators inclined toward the Arab world and about all of the Fox & Friends pundits tended toward Israel. On one hand, AM offered authorities such as Fawaz Gerges (Sarah Lawrence College Middle East scholar and author of “Journey of the Jihadist: Inside Muslim Militancy); Hisham Melhem (Al-Arabiya Washington bureau chief); and Dalia Ziada (political activist in charge of Cairo Office of Civil Rights and blogger) who left little doubt as to where they stood. (N.B. AM’s conservative Ed Rollins (Director of Reagan’s 1984 Re-Election Campaign) did offer a countervailing perspective.) On the other, F&F produced experts such as Jonah Goldberg (National Review Online editor-at-large and author of Liberal Fascism); Doug Schoen (Penn, Schoen, and Berland Associates founding partner and author of the Threat Closer to Home); and Michele Malkin (syndicated columnists and conservative blogger) who were similarly plain spoken.

Nither AM nor F&F programs provided virulent views. However, it seemed strange that AM lacked a Jewish expert and F&F an Arab one. Nevertheless, if you were able to watch both, you did get a rather “fair and balanced” approach.

CNN’s Rollins: MN Voters “Dead Indians”

October 23, 2008

Ironically, American Morning’s John Roberts and Kiran Chetry had politically incorrect lusty laughs after a segment entitled, “America Divided: Concern about GOP Tactic.” Beforehand, Roberts and Kiran had interviewed Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s 1984 National Campaign Director and current CNN contributor, about questionable tactics by GOP candidates that seemed to draw a conservative America/liberal un-America divide and about the divisive Pennsylvania presidential race. At the close of the segment, Roberts jokingly asked Rollins, “How did you screw up on Minnesota?” (In 1984 Rollins helped Reagan win all the U.S. states except Minnesota.)

In answer to Roberts unexpected query, Rollins ad libbed, “They voted a lot of dead Indians along the border: 1620 votes. I’m not bitter.” Roberts and Kiran joined Rollins in a genial guffaw.

“America Divided”: Still Cowboys and “Indians” (Native Americans)?