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E.D. Out: Over FNC’s Hill

November 19, 2008

After over a decade on Fox News, E.D. Hill was shown the door by Bill Shine, FNC’s Senior Vice President of Programming according to TVNewser: E.D. is scheduled to depart in a few months as her contractual term ends. The attractive, opinionated towhead had a highly successful seven-year stint as co-host of FNC’s morning news show, Fox & Friends. Further, she served as anchor of America’s Pulse and guest host of the O’Reilly Factor.

However, E.D. recently has had a rough road of late. First, on September, 22, 2006, with little apparent warning, FNC celebrated its 10th anniversary by replacing her with a younger blonde, namely,  Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America. E.D. was moved to a later FNC morning news program for a short time before she found a home at FNC’s America’s Pulse in the afternoon. There she made her infamous “terrorist fist jab” gaffe and found her show canned ten days later.

The resilient, brassy Texan beauty will no doubt land on her feet. Maybe, she could join her fellow flaxen-tressed FNC exiles, Page Hopkins and Laurie Dhue, in an edgy morning news show or, perhaps, an all-blonde Red Eye for the Straight Guy.

Good luck, E.D!

Dhue Point Evaporates

March 17, 2008

According to TVNewser, Laurie Dhue will no longer be employed by FNC. The cable news company and the blonde starlet were unable to come to terms on a new contract. Even though she was easy on the eyes, viewers of the O’Reilly Factor will be spared her obsequious fawning on the Dhue Point, Bill O’Reilly’s self-professed favorite show segment. The purpose of this part of the Factor was ostensibly to hold O’Reilly accountable to his viewers: however, it tended to be a lovefest where Dhue would conclude that O’Reilly was right once again.