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Zain Verjee: “The Delilah of Kenya”

August 4, 2011

Zain’s “Love Lines.” CNN correspondent Zain Verjee revealed her sexy radio roots to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips Monday. After a CN story on the launch of MTV thirty years ago with the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star,” Zain was ready to give her report on Amy Winehouse. Before she did, Kyra queried, “Zain, I want to bring you into this discussion….You say that’s actually the first song you played as a radio D.J.?”

Zain answered, “Yes, it was in Kenya and I was doing the love show, which was called “Love Lines” at the time.” Mellifluously, she added, “Kind of like the Delilah of Kenya almost.”

Then, more to Kyra’s point, Zain remarked, “When we launched this private radio station [in Nairobi], it was a big deal because in Kenya at that time everything had been [under] state control. So, it created all this buzz and that was the first song that was played on the breakfast show on Capital FM radio, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” It also launched my career.”

The Delilah of Kenya“: No Philistine.

[Author’s aside: Elaborating on her radio show in a 2010 interview in Kenya’s Standard, Zain said, “It was called Love Lines and it was just sort of playing romantic music, reading people’s love letters, and dispensing of advice that I was ill positioned to give.”]

Dave, Rick, Aly Share: Clayton Clowns

December 13, 2008

In a “Love Matters” segment with radio’s “Queen of Sappy Love Songs” Delilah, Fox & Friends Weekends’ Dave Briggs, Rick Reichmuth, and Alisyn Camerota revealed personal details of their lives to their viewers. Only, Clayton Morris held out in his usual clownish fashion. For those unaware of the late night host’s program, callers telephone in with their personal problems and Delilah picks appropriate dedications to suit the caller’s spouse, lover, friend, etc.

First, Dave’s story was particularly poignant. He started, “Delilah, we thought we would put you to the test this morning. I, unfortunately, have a situation that I’m facing in my family. My sister [Steph] is going through cancer right now, my stepsister. It’s been very difficult on her father [Carl], who I’m very close to, and her son [Chase], who no longer has his father around. And she is just a courageous fighter.” [In the screen text that Dave seemingly supplied, it also mentioned that his sister “Steph was recently diagnosed with the cancer and sadly it had spread all over her body in a very short period of time.”]

Second, Rick shared a tender mom moment. He said, “My dedication is actually for my mom. I don’t say these kinds of things enough to my mom. But my mom is a person who holds our family together and really gets so little credit for it. She loves us all tirelessly, unconditionally, and she always encourages us to grow bigger and better than we ever thought we could. So I’m not going to be home at Christmas which is very hard for mom, very hard for me, and the family.”

Third, Alisyn added, “I had a personal one for my mom also because I don’t get to talk to her as much as I’d like. I get very harried between work and my kids. My mom calls me a lot. I say, ‘I’m sorry, Mom; I can’t talk right now; [and] I’m too busy.  And I don’t often get back to her. But I do want her to know I do appreciate her; she’s always there for me when I need her; and I wish we could connect more often.”

When Clayton’s turn came, he said, “You know, my wife, I love you. My mom, I love you.” Apparently, not wanting to share any intimate details of his life, Clayton inanely dedicated his song to Aly. Aly responded, “Sure, goofball.” As the song began to play, Aly joked, “Anybody got a hankie?”

The F&F narratives were not surprising except for Dave’s account. His very personal anecdote seemed to reveal an emotional depth that is not always so apparent.