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Dave Spellbound: Price’s Sexy Intrigue

April 19, 2009

For Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs, the Price was definitely right! Lindsay Price, that is. As F&F co-anchor Alisyn Camerota observed, Price, a star in the pilot Eastwick (based on the Witches of Eastwick) had Dave “spellbound” during her interview this morning.

After Dave fulsomely flirted with Price nonstep as to her shows, fashion sense, and beauty, the former Lipstick Jungle actress allowed him to make his move. As the brunette beauty touted and displayed Degree’s scents, Dave asked, “Do you have it on?” Moving toward Dave and lifting up her lovely, long mane, Price cooed, “I, I sprayed Sexy Intrigue under my hair and you can smell my, my.” Before she could finish her sentence, Dave turned to Aly and declared, “This is my chance!” Immediately, he lustily inhaled the fragrance from the nape of her naked neck as she blushed and beamed.*

Aly put her hand to her mouth and exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh!” Looking at Aly, Dave responded, “She gave me permission–on camera.” To Price, he joked, “You’re gonna have to sign a waiver before you go.” As to the racy play, Price said, “This segment is fun: this job is fun!”

Jungle F&FW fever!

F&FW (04/19/09) – @8:52 a.m. ET