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F&FW’s St. Patrick’s Day Catfight

March 18, 2012

“Wow! Give her her own show! So, so rude!” Happy St. Patty’s Day? Fox & Friends Weekend celebrated the holiday with a virtual “catfight” today between two attractive GOP pundits. And, “moderator” Dave Briggs did not seem to mind the gals in green garb going at it: in fact, he seemed to rather relish it.

In a segment about whether Gingrich was hurting the GOP by staying in the race, Mitt Romney supporter and GOP strategist Dee Dee Benkie and Newt Gingrich pollster Kellyanne Conway  (both clad aptly in green short dresses for the day) debated whether Gingrich had a path to acquire the needed delegates.* Conway confidently contended that he did indeed via an open convention: But, Benkie countered that Romney was the inevitable nominee and that Gingrich should simply get on board a la “team players” (GOP Prez candidate also-rans) Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman. After Benkie responded with a rather prolix monologue, Dave appeared to give Conway the last word: But, Benkie would have none of it.

As Conway began to speak, citing Romney’s  new spike in negative ratings and crediting it to his negative campaign, Blinkie interrupted Conway with a vociferous defense of Romney. Trying to get a word in edgewise as Benkie continued unabated, Conway retorted, “See, this is very typical. They want to talk over you because there’s great frustration that it’s March 17th.” Before she could finish, Dave, trying to reestablish order, interjected, “We’re all wearing green. We can all agree on a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” As Benkie continued to attack Gingrich for “helping the Democrats,” Dave put his hands out toward both her and Conway as if to stop their feral fight. Meanwhile, looking away from Benkie, Conway blinked her eyes in disgust, exclaiming, “Wow! Give her her own show. So, so rude! Wow!”

Meanwhile, a grinning Dave arched his eyebrows high, pursed his lips with an impish glint in his eye, and rubbed his hands together gleefully. With a smug smile, Benkie turned to Conway, saying, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” Amused, Dave answered, “And, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”  On that curvy couch, Conway was assuredly not happy: Miffed, she conspicuously ignored both of them and stoically stared straight ahead.

F&FW felines: St. Patty green and GOP “mean.” Rowr!

* Fox & Friends – 03/17/12 (@8:16 a.m. ET (or 8:16 a.m. ET)