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Kara Gropes Kilmeade

November 9, 2011

Brian’s butt grabbed: Big “Deal or No Deal”? Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade went from “kissing” Susan Lucci in the “Shot of the Morning” to having his rear squeezed by sexy Deal or No Deal model Patricia Kara in a  “Deal with Your Body” workout promo. Not surprisingly, the “brown-haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy” just could not wipe that silly smile from his face–at least, perhaps, until he got home to his wife Dawn.

In the first hour, producers went to the archives for their “Shot of the Morning,” viz., a clip of Susan Lucci showing Brian Kilmeade how to “make out” on the curvy couch earlier this year. When co-host Gretchen Carlson expressed surprise that he was not embarrassed about it, Brian jested that he did not have a problem with kissing other women–but that his wife did. Perhaps, the segment gave Brian an extra shot of testosterone because he seemed rather primed to play thereafter.

Subsequently, when Gretchen teased an upcoming workout segment with Deal or No Deal models Patricia Kara and Pilar Lastra, Brian walked down the hall between the two beauties toward the set. As he did, they progressed forward doing lunges in tandem: when Patricia appeared to instruct him to squeeze his buttocks in the process, he playfully feigned cupping both with his hands. When she beamed broadly in response, a bawdy Brian turned to her and queried, “Now, you don’t want me to squeeze your butt, right?”

“What!” interjected an off-camera Gretchen. Apparently, not offended in the least, Patricia playfully squeezed Brian’s tush with her right hand, sensually smiled, and shrugged her arms “innocently.” Reddening, Brian continued, “Wait a second. That would be a real problem. That would be unbelievable.” Somewhat embarrassed, Brian threw his hands up, walked back down the hall, and escaped through a nearby doorway. In response, Patricia (and Pilar) looked back at the camera and laughed naughtily.

Vintage F&F: Another clip for the archives.

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