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O’Reilly’s Twilight Zone

January 8, 2009

The O’Reilly Factor Sarah Palin segment: Mr. “Looking Out for You” traded his No Spin Zone for the Twilight Zone tonight. In the debate segment on Sarah Palin’s recent return to the spotlight (viz., her interview with Internet reporter John Ziegler), O’Reilly introduced pro-Palin Rick Santorum as “former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania” and anti-Palin Danielle Crittenden merely as “conservative author.” Santorum has a well established reputation as a strong social conservative but Crittenden is not as well known.

It seemed odd that O’Reilly failed to identify Ms. Crittenden further. After Googling her, the author learned that she is a Canadian and a Huffington Post columnist married to David Frum (another vociferous Palin critic), former George W. Bush speechwriter and Canadian journalist. Crittenden questioned the credentials of Palin but her own credentials were not fully disclosed.

What happened to “We report: You Decide”?