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Dave: Miss Me Yet?

February 19, 2010

Tanned, relaxed, but, not quite ready to return, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs seemed to send his fans and followers a “miss me yet” missive yesterday. The handsome sports fellow Tweeted, “18 holes, a few Pacifico’s, 2 hours of sun, and a nap…all in all in a perfect day. Oh & there’s the beard!” (Yes, ladies, he sent his pic for your viewing pleasure.)

Furthermore, F&FW producers appeared to broadcast the very same message to their viewers today. As Fox & Friends concluded this morning, guest co-anchor Clayton Morris announced that Peter Johnson, Jr., would be temping for Dave this weekend. Even though the bespectacled, bow-tied Peter is more than an able substitute with the news, he tends to give off an effeminate, elitist vibe that does not jive with the F&FW audience’s more lively, Everyman expectations as often as Dave.

Rather, Dave exhibits a somewhat more masculine metrosexual side a la F&F’s popular co-anchor Brian Kilmeade. “Bending it like Beckham,” he tends to attract the gals, and, perhaps, more, with his boyish good looks and charm and his family man persona while appealing to the guys with his hardy embrace of all things sports and his robust appreciation of pretty girls. Dave and F&FW producers appear anxious not to let their audience forget.

Update: Dave Tweeted, “I am very emotional..after nearly two weeks of laziness & simultaneous growth, I shaved. I’ll miss the facial manliness but happy to move on.” (02/19/10 – @11:50 a.m. ET)

Rick Steppin’ Out?

July 5, 2009

Before Fox & Friends Weekend meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s seven o’clock A Block weather report, F&FW co-host Alisyn Camerota had toyed mercilessly with her male audience by parading her phallic-shaped 2006 Hot Dog Making trophy, handling it suggestively, and making numerous double entendres.* However, thereafter, it appeared that Rick might be playing to another audience demographic.** During the segue to Rick, co-anchor Clayton Morris randily asked him whether the wiener statute was “more than an Emmy,” Rick declared, “I am so uncomfortable right now.”

As Rick started his forecast, co-host Dave Briggs brought the statute toward him and Rick initially cautioned, “Keep that away: I know exactly where you’re coming.” However, when Dave handed his the trophy, Rick eagerly reached for it and looked at it in disbelief. Guffawing, he asked, “Is that for real?” Chuckling, Dave replied, “It’s all yours.”

Taking it, Rick began to use the phallic statue as a pointer on the weather map. As the co-hosts and crew howled, Rick remarked, “This is the worse thing ever. There’s going to be more weather coming up next half hour: How’s that?” Smiling, Rick began to rub the wiener award behind his left ear and then at the top of his back. As Dave and Aly fought to keep their composure, Clayton jested, “San Antonio doesn’t appreciate you [Rick] pointing that at them.” Rick riantly responded, “That’s true.” Facetiously, he concluded, “It’s a back scratcher.”

Stepping out, or bending it like Beckham?***


**F&F (07/05/09) – 7:06 a.m. ET


Briggs Bending It like Beckham

August 19, 2008

Fox & Friends guest host Dave Briggs continues to “bend it like Beckham.” Today, in a segment on bartenders’ political secrets, Dave said that he liked the survey question about which political party liked the fruity (or pink) drinks. Then he added, “I like the pink drinks.” Co-host Gretchen Carlson teased, “I saw you on the Sex and the City tour: you downed about ten of those cosmos (cosmopolitans).” Dave replied, “That says nothing about my political affiliation but I do enjoy a fruity drink.”

After yesterday’s admission that he sometime takes longer to get ready than his wife and his earlier feeding Clayton Morris a cupcake and sipping cosmopolitans on the Sex & the City tour, Dave seems to be following manbag-toting, man-embracing Brian Kilmeade’s example. Dave (and Brian) seems to be trying to bend it like Beckham in appealing to both straight and gay demographics with an androgynous appeal. Interestingly enough, all three guys are all married with children.

Brian: “Beckham’s Boy Toy”?

July 18, 2008

Fox & Friends continues to portray manbag-toting, “guy-attentive” sportscaster and co-host Brian Kilmeade as a possible B(r)i-an Kilmeade. In its three-part interview with David Beckham, international soccer star, fashion icon, and straight/gay sex symbol, it intimates the blossoming of a “bromance” between the two. Gretchen Carlson, wife of Beckham’s agent, has robustly and relentlessly ribbed Brian about his attention to and affection for Beckham beyond the field. Steve Doocy has rolled his eyes and made a few jaunty jibes himself. Even Chris Wallace has tweaked Brian in a Fox News Sunday promo (kidding that he couldn’t get a Beckham interview), saying, “I’m not David Beckham’s boy toy: some people [i.e., Brian] are.” Taking it in stride, Brian has “blushed” and chuckled.

Even though Brian and Beckham are husbands and dads, it seems that both play off of a bi vibe to increase their popular reach. Putting them together for a much-hyped trio of interviews over two days seems to be a concerted effort to increase ratings by F&F in their target demographics. While F&F may draw more gays, it will probably not lose very many, if any, straights since it is a wink-wink, nod-nod, just-kidding approach.

One seems to hear echoes of a Seinfeld mantra.