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Kilmeade: Chickenhawk or Patriot?

May 19, 2009

Former Minnesota governor/pro wrestler Jesse Ventura tried to give Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade a polemic piledriver this morning. In an interview hawking Ventura’s book, “Don’t Start the Revolution without Me,” Brian queried the libertarian independent as to why he was so down on the Bush administration’s “intensive interrogation” tactics. Animatedly, Ventura replied, “I have been waterboarded: It is torture. I can speak from experience: It was part of…training that I went through as a Navy Seal.” Brian sharply inquired, “And are you okay now?” Jesse answered, “I’m fine. Brian responded, “So is Khalid Sheik Mohammed.”

As the discussion continued, it became more and more spirited. Ventura strongly asserted that waterboarding was illegal and that is why America does not do it to its domestic criminals, like gang members and Timothy McVeigh. Brian acerbically asked, “Do you not want us to be attacked?” Dismissively, Ventura declared, “Don’t come after me with that nonsense.” Later, he patronizingly proposed, “Get waterboarded: then we’ll ask you [whether waterboarding is torture].”

To a smirking Ventura, Brian exclaimed, “I’m not blowing up America….These are the people that cut off Danny Pearl’s head, and you’re worried about their welfare.” Ventura countered, “No…I’m worried about what our country stands for….Where’s it going to end? Where’s it going to end?” Brian curtly replied, “When they’re dead.”

Sarcastically, Ventura asked, “Really?…Have you enlisted or are you just talking?…Go walk the walk: Don’t talk the talk!” Brian asked, “So wait a second. So if I’m not in the military, I can’t pull for America? And I can’t fight for America?” Staring angrily at Brian and rocking in his seat, Ventura disdainfully declared, “You ain’t fighting for us. You ain’t fighting for us.” When co-anchor Gretchen Carlson interjected that it was time for a break, Brian looked at Ventura derisively, shook his head, and muttered, “So if you’re not in the military.”

Gretchen later Tweeted, “Must see tv.” Indeed.

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