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Clayton’s “Snake” Ad Lib

July 16, 2009

Clayton, you did not mean that that way, did you? In the “Jungle Jack” Hannah segment aired live from the Columbus Zoo, Jack displayed a variety of animals first encountered by zoo visitors: He said, “When they have their first experience with an animal here, it’s very important for a child or an adult to see these animals, be able to talk to the parrot, be able to, maybe, touch a snake…to be able to talk to me about a monitor lizard right up close.”

Deadpanning, Clayton interjected, “I think that it’s very important for kids to be able to touch a snake.” As the camera panned onto Clayton in mid-sentence, he shifted in his seat, looked one way and then the other, and avoided eye contact with his co-hosts and the viewer (except for a quick glance at the cam). As he did, Steve Doocy looked at him with eyes widened and mouth agape and looked away in apparent disbelief. Meanwhile, Gretchen Carlson turned toward Clayton warily for a brief moment and then stared straight ahead.

Replying to Clayton’s comment, an ingenuous Jack answered, “Oh, yeah; oh, yeah; oh, yeah. Look, oh, it’s unbelievable. Clayton chuckled heartily.

A double entendre gone awfully awry? If you have it on DVR or can otherwise access it, it was on F&F today at approximately 8:54 a.m. ET. You watch: you decide.


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