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Briggs Back

May 3, 2008

Dave Briggs, Beantown sports “Pretty Face,” was back today on Fox & Friends Saturday. It was good to see him relieving Eric Shawn: he certainly fits in better with the B-Team. However, that’s not the ultimate compliment.

Generally, the crew of Clayton Morris, Ainsley Earhardt, Courtney Friel, and Rick Reithmuth was somewhat more palatable today. Happily, Clayton seemed more mature but his lady’s-Kentucky-Derby-hat wearing was just juvenile. Happily, Rick called him on it when he refused to wear a similar hat at the show’s end: Rick said, “Not only no but hell no!” In an earlier Churchill Downs interview with the owner of one of the Kentucky Derby favorites, Visionaire, Courtney lost her train of thought mid-question but recovered nicely. Ainsley seemed a bit saucier today with her wish to have Jennifer Lopez’ “rump” in a “Hot Latin Diet” tease and her query whether Clayton wanted a “hot Latin body” in his bed or on him in the segment.

The current F&F Weekend line-up is like a store-brand item: Tolerable but not tasty.