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F&FW: Poor Taste or Carelessness?

December 27, 2009

“Pop! Pop!” Fox & Friends Weekend terrorist sound effects or “technical difficulties”? I.e., was someone in poor taste simulating the firecracker noise that alerted Delta 253 passengers of a Christmas Day terrorist act intended to down their plane, or was it merely carelessness that allowed an open mike at a terrible time?

When F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs introduced the “Connecting the Dots” interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, no extraneous noises were heard.* However, as Chris answered Dave’s first question whether it was time for the President to connect the dots (to prevent further terrorist attempts like the aforementioned Christmas Day terrorist attempt), one loud pop rang out and another later. Subsequently, similar sounds reverberated throughout the segment.

Was it, perhaps, the carelessness of an inattentive co-host or producer who forgot to mute a microphone? It very well may have been: Fox & Friends certainly has its open-mike moments. A notable example for long-time F&FW fans, would be Dave’s off-camera toilet flush. A lesser one for today’s viewers was all of the strange sounds echoing throughout FNC correspondent Catherine Herridge’s “Northwest Bomb Attempt” segment.**

However, if it were intentional, poor taste would be a charitable characterization indeed.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 12/27/09 (@ 8:15 a.m.)
**Fox & Friends Weekend – 12/27/09 (@ 9:42 a.m.)


Candid Kiran: Surge’s “Gonna S*ck!”

December 7, 2009

American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry did not mince words this morning on her view of the surge in Afghanistan or, at the very least, the timing of it.

Introducing a segment entitled “Marines Ready to Surge,” Kiran stated, “We now could know soon who will be leading the surge into Afghanistan: Marines from Camp Lejeune are expected to ship out before Christmas Day….What are we expecting to hear today, Chris [Lawrence, CNN Pentagon correspondent]?

Lawrence answered, “This base is really buzzing! They just got several units back from Afghanistan just a few weeks ago. And, now we expect that the first thousand Marines will go directly from here to Helmand province.

Before Lawrence could continue his report, Kiran interjected, “That’s what I’m saying! I mean, obviously, it’s gonna s*ck!”*

Initially, appearing to be taken a bit aback by Kiran’s exclamation, Lawrence coolly paused for a moment and then replied, “Yeah. Definitely…They’re going to where some of that, that toughest fighting is going to be. And, again, that is going to affect, obviously, a lot of families.”

A.M.: Absent Muzzle? Candid Kiran indeed!

*American Morning (12/07/09) – @6:54 a.m. ET