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Morris Muffles Coulter

March 7, 2009

Unfortunately, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris rescued conservative babe and Guilty author, Ann Coulter, from herself today. As Clayton and co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt promoted an upcoming Rihanna/Chris Brown segment, Ann could be distinctly heard in the background as she chatted with weatherguy Rick Reichmuth.

After hearing Ann clearly state, “We’ll, we used to be friends,” a quick-thinking Clayton, looking back at the camera, strode toward Ann and louded asked, “Do you hear that voice back there? It’s the unmistakable voice of Ann Coulter.” When a red-faced Ann realized her error, she exclaimed “Oops!” as she placed her hand over mouth. Recovering, she smiled broadly and waved to the viewer as Rick merely grinned abashedly.

After Ann’s subsequent segment and the co-hosts’ segue to him, Rick teased, “I know what she was saying, too, when her microphone wasn’t on.” Embarrassed, Ann rocked back on the curvy couch and teheed. Clayton replied, “Don’t say it.” Rick responded, “Just saying but I’m not going to say it.” Co-anchor Dave Briggs cautioned, “Shhh!”

Bouquets, Clayton, from Ann and the F&FW producers but brickbats from your F&F fans.

To See or Not to See?

February 20, 2009

To see or not to see: That is the question. As to the TMZ pic of pop star Rihanna after purported being brutalized by her boyfriend Chris Brown, Fox & Friends and American Morning answered it quite differently. F&F gave it’s viewers long, lingering looks at the painfully disturbing pic: However, according to AM co-host Kiran Chetry, CNN decided not to air the pic “right now” (while acknowledging that the photos were out there).

Obviously, the picture is of public interest due to the high visibility of the attractive, rich, and famous young lovers. Furthermore, it is readily available to anyone with Internet access. However, should domestic violence victims be given a zone of privacy generally accorded to sex crime victims?

FNF has spoken. CNN has not “right now”: Should it? You make the call.,0,