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Fox & Friends First: Losing Sexy Fast

March 6, 2012

Your espresso? Try decaf instead. Sexy Fox & Friends First co-hosts Anna Kooiman and Ainsley Earhardt served up lukewarm decaf this morning instead of their promised “shot of espresso.” Gone were the tall chairs (and small computer tables) that showcased the lovelies’ legs: In their place was a large opaque table intended to do the very opposite. Furthermore, the gals ditched their short skirts for more dour apparel, i.e., just above-the-knee dresses for the few moments that they might be seen.

Perhaps, faint-hearted producers got spooked by a few mixed reviews and suddenly turned priggish. While cable news reviewers on Mediaite and Huffington Report did not note the actual debut of F&FF, TVNewser reported on it a la AP’s disinterested manner but news blog Chickaboomer and Carpe Diem noted the new sexy look of the show. Chicaboomer posted a seemingly subtle pan captioned “‘Fox & Friends First’ Skirting the Issues” with a pic of Ainsley and Anna in their short dresses and another such photo of Anna and FBN biz babe Lauren Simonetti. However, Carpe Diem gave the first show a rave review entitled “Fox & Friends First: Bringing Sexy Back!,” praising F&FF’s homage to its past glory.

Fox & Friends First: Losing sexy fast. Without that arousing promised shot of espresso from Anna and Ainsley, viewers may well decide to roll over and go back to sleep. As B. B. King might aptly say, “The thrill is gone.”

“You’re Just Carrying the Water for Mr. Obama!”

March 31, 2011

Christine Romans: “I’m certainly not carrying anyone’s water! And, I will assure you of that.” No milquetoast for breakfast today. Polite American Morning co-host Christine Romans got a piece of Michael Scheuer’s mind instead.  And, she was not amused.

During the AM segment entitled, “CIA in Libya,” Christine and co-anchor Kiran Chetry interviewed Michael Scheuer, a “former CIA counter-terrorism analyst, about the United States’ latest intervention in the Middle East. Skeptically, Scheuer propounded his concerns about the efficacy of arming and training the Libyan rebels in time to defeat Khadafy; “the [President’s] putting himself into a corner where his only option is ground troops”; and the U.S.’ role in Libya being a “recruiting tool for extremists” (because it was perceived as the “American-led West attacking a Muslim country that has oil”).

Pressing Scheuer about his final point, supra, Kiran countered that U.S. officials had said that NATO had fully taken over operations and that their coalition included Arab states. Scoffing, Scheuer answered that the “U.S.-to-NATO leadership transfer was a “piece of theater set up by Ms. Clinton and Mr. McCain and the bipartisan group that loves to intervene abroad”) and that the “U.S.-led operation” was seen “in the Muslim world…[as]…Americans killing Muslims again…for oil.” Subsequently, when Kiran asked Scheuer whether America’s aid for the Libyan rebels was actually support of “Islamic democracy…tired of totalitarian rule,” he acidly asserted, “If we were supporting Islamic democracy, that would be one thing. But, if you listen to Ms. Clinton and, especially, the rather crazed Ms. Rice at the U.N., this is all about democracy in a world were democracy is not going to take hold.”

As Christine listened to Scheuer’s increasingly cutting criticism of the U.S. involvement in Libya, she appeared to become agitated in tandem with his answers (as she repeatedly put her hand on her hip, crossed her arms, and furrowed her eyebrows).

When the interview concluded, Christine dismissively interjected, “I think it’s very clear, Michael Scheuer, that you are no fan of this policy and this administration.”  Then, looking at Kiran repeatedly (as if for succor), Christine scolded, “I think calling Ambassador Rice crazed is certainly a significant charge.”

Unrepentant, Scheuer acerbically retorted, “Oh, I don’t know! I’ve just listened to her! That’s only my impression. Elaborating, he remarked, “[T]his is not a Democratic problem: this is a Republican problem, too. Both parties love to intervene in other people’s business where there are no U.S. interests at stake and where we spend enormous amounts of money at a time when we’re nearly bankrupt.”

With her arms crossed defiantly (and Kiran looking down at the desk demurely), Christine sharply disagreed, declaring, “And, that’s a whole nother [sic] story. To call the United States bankrupt–the United States is running humongous deficits, yes.” But, the economy  and this mission is Libya are two separate issues.”

Smiling, Seuer sneered, “They’re not separate issues, ma’am. You’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama.”

Bristling at Scheuer’s slam, Christine retorted, “I’m certainly not carrying anyone’s water! And, I will assure you of that.”

Then, after thanking him for his time, Christine icily concluded, “You, know, we’ve had a very long, exhaustive interview. You’ve had plenty of time to give your point of view on that.”

For tea-sipping Christine, her Scheuer segment may have been “too early in the AM for  [such] insults.” But, for this coffee-quaffing viewer, it was a timely AM java jolt. Or, was it a Jautz jolt?

Update: This evening Mediaite‘s Matt Schneider found the story, supra, via Johnny Dollar’s Place and basically recapped it. However, Chickaboomer seized it saucily and gave it her own inimitable take.

Update2: Bill O’Reilly weighed in Friday during his O’Reilly Factor opening “Talking Points” segment on the Scheuer/Romans spat. After playing the clip of Scheuer skewering Christine, O’Reilly remarked, “This CNN anchor is wrong when she says the Libyan action and the American debt are separate: they are not. He opined, “The sad truth is every action America takes from now on will have to be evaluated from a cost standpoint: That’s what happens when you’re 14 trillion dollars in debt.”

Shep: “What’s Wrong With Gretchen Today?

September 22, 2008

Today Shepard Smith gave Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson about as much respect as Jackie Mason generally does. In fact, he dissed the show itself for its lengthy coverage of the JFK JetBlue drama about the hand grenade paperweights without checking out whether they were real first. As he walked onto the set, he derisively stated, “I, too, have a bomb…a bottle of water for you that actually contains human poisons.” He complained, “We shut down a whole airport for a couple of paperweights: are you kidding me?”

Innocently, Gretch asked, “Isn’t that better than if they actually were the real thing and something happened?” Shep sarcastically replied, “It’s better if everybody looked into it first, don’t you think?” Gretchen answered, “I’d rather have people err on the side of being protected.” Shep derisively responded, “Yes, Gretchen, we all would.”

Later, while promoting The Strategy Room, Shep said, “We are very excited….for nine hours without commercial interruption…we’ll talk about politics, Wall Street, and everything non-stop.” He added, “You can do anything, you can take your clothes off if you want: Nobody’s watching!” Gretch interjected, “Yes, they are!” Dismissively, Shep replied, “Oh, come on Gretchen: please relax!”

Gretch said, “I don’t think I’m going to say anything else ’cause Shep is really angry at me.” Shep groused, “What is wrong with you?” Of F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, he later asked, “What’s wrong with Gretchen today?” Then she gamely queried, “What’s wrong with you?

At the end of the segment, trying to save face, Gretch sweetly stated, “I need to make up with Shep today before he leaves.” She got up and sat between Shep and Steve Doocy and put her arm around Shep. He inquired again, “What is wrong with you? Does that mean I get some touchy?” Then he said, “Maybe, I don’t know the rules of the program [F&FW] because I don’t watch it.”

Poor Gretch: she may have been Miss America but Shep was not Mr. Congeniality.

Update: Since the author’s entry, JDP has posted the vid link as follows:

Update 2: Cf.