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F&F’s Turkey Salute: Naughty G.I. Nurse Fantasy

November 27, 2008

FNC correspondent David MacDougall must have been sipping some contraband liquor this morning on Fox & Friends. In a Thanksgiving tribute to the troops, the randy reporter interviewed two male G.I.’s and then a female one in Kirkuk, Iraq.* He seemed to fancy the G.I. Jane a bit too much.

Introducing Staff Sargeant Cassandra Murphy as working in the medical field, he abruptly asked, “Do you have a nurse’s uniform? And why aren’t you wearing one now?” Embarrassed, she responded, “No, we wear the uniform like everybody else. MacDougall persisted, “Could you wear a nurse’s uniform the next time I could up?” Gamely, she sheepishly laughed, “Well, I’m sure if I could find one, I would: But we don’t have them up there.” After the brief interview ended, Murphy wished a “Happy Thanksgiving” to her mom, dad, Pete, and all her friends and family. A goatish MacDougall declared, “I think Pete back home is getting the naughty nurse’s uniform, don’t you guys?”

As McDougall segued back to the Fox & Friends guest hosts, Clayton Morris warned that he needed to be careful when hitting on the nurse with armed troops around. Ainsley interjected, “Right, right: Be careful, David.” McDougall awkwardly answered, “I’m only human: I’m only human.”

* 8:09 a.m. ET