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Anderson Cooper Unzipped?

November 5, 2009

CNN has done it again: From Paula Zahn’s infamous “zipper” promo to Anderson Cooper’s supposedly “undone zipper.”* Seven years ago, CNN promoted its new Zahn show, American Morning, with an ad in which a male announcer randily remarked, “”Where can you find a morning news anchor who’s provocative, super-smart, oh yeah, and just a little sexy?” As the word “sexy” was emblazoned on the screen, the seeming sound of a zipper being unzipped was heard. Controversy ensued and the ad was pulled after being aired only about a dozen times.

Last night CNN had another phallic moment. This time it was over another blond beauty, Carrie Prejean, the former Miss USA California. Before the segment in question, Cooper teased, “Carrie Prejean caught on tape. Oh, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. She’s dropped her lawsuit against pageant officials about…her augmentation surgery but only after they dropped a bombshell. We’ll tell you what changed the game.”

Then when AC360 returned, correspondent Erica Hill cattily reported, “The one-time Miss California USA Carrie Prejean…apparently…doesn’t have to worry about paying for her $5200 boob job because Miss USA pageant officials have dropped their lawsuit…She has dropped her lawsuit against the pageant, too. Why?” Feigning incredulity, Cooper queried, “Why?”

Hill answered, “Well, the deal is confidential, Anderson, but a source close to the settlement tells CNN the agreement happened after a sex tape featuring Prejean surfaced.” Cooper playfully exclaimed, “What!” Hill animatedly replied, “Yeah! Yeah! According to TMZ, she’s alone on it.” As Cooper deadpanned, “Really?,” the apparent sound of a salient priapic response (a suddenly released spring) was heard. Raising his eyes, Cooper smiled, shook his head, and said, “Please!”

Anderson Cooper 360 (11/04/09) – @10:57 p.m ET

Prejean Deposed: Gretch Relieved?

June 11, 2009

Another day, a hotter honey! Apparently, Miss USA owner Donald Trump really did think that the former 2009 Miss California Carrie Prejean’s topless pics were just “fine”.* According to, Prejean claimed that she rejected Miss California USA pageant attempts last month to have her pose for Playboy semi-nude: Pageant panjandrum Keith Lewis countered that he was not touting them but merely presenting them to her for her consideration.** Citing contractual breaches, the Miss California USA pageant deposed Prejean and replaced her with runner-up Miss Malibu Jamie Farrell.***

In essence, aping his Apprentice avatar, the Donald essentially has said, “You’re fired!” After chivalrously saving the Christian damsel in distress, has he now thrown her mercilessly to the lions for entertainment’s sake? Or was she a non-compliant diva that just had to go?**** Regardless of the answer, P.T. Barnum would be proud of his Manhattan mogul avatar.

N.B. Fox & Friends fans, only about two weeks ago, Trump strongly suggested that FNC’s Roger Ailes would hire Prejean and stated that she “look[ed] very, very good together” with co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on F&F. Now with his beauty queen’s ouster, he may have less to gain from the first 2009 Miss California USA’s replacing of 1989 Miss America Gretchen Carlson on the show.***** With her potential rival, Prejean “whatever,”****** apparently, on the outs, Gretch may be breathing a bit easier today.

UPDATE: The dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean gave her first morning news interview to F&F. She received a sympathetic ear from both Fox & Friends co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. The other beauty queen on the set, Gretchen Carlson was conspicuously absent for that segment.


Gretch: Prejean, “Whatever!”

May 29, 2009

Rowrr! Today Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson’s bared her claws at her Wednesday replacement, Miss California Carrie Prejean.* Gretch got her dander up when Chris Wallace, during his weekly promo for Fox News Sunday, made his usual barb at F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade: Chris teased, “Brian, I never saw a more revolting sight than the way you were salivating over Carrie Prej–Is it Prejean (pre-gene) or Prejean (pre-john)? Rolling her eyes dismissively, Gretchen cattily sniped, “Whatever!” Then she agitatedly added, “Yeah, I saw that, too.”

The 1989 Miss America must have also seen the Donald Trump interview with Brian, Carrie, and Steve Doocy.** In it, he said, ““Roger Ailes is a great genius, and I have a feeling that you’re going to see her [Carrie Prejean] a lot on Fox.” More pointedly, Trump remarked, “Congratulations, Carrie: great job! The three of you look very, very good together!” When Carrie Prejean readily responded, “We do look good together!,” Gretchen’s ears must have perked up all the more.

Future F&F catfight for the curvy couch?

*F&F (05/29/09) – 8:37 a.m. ET


Tepid Thursday

May 28, 2009

Decaf morning news! Whether one turned to Fox & Friends or American Morning, one could hardly be blamed for turning the channel. On F&F, after yesterday’s invigorating show with the mesmerizing Miss California Carrie Prejean and the alluring Alisyn Camerota; Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Gretchen Carlson presided over a virtual three-hour Ambien experience. On American Morning, seemingly unwilling to take the reins readily as alpha stars Kiran Chetry and John Roberts do, guest co-anchors Alina Cho and Rob Marciano contently laid back and pushed the snooze button.

Ugh! However, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully!

Prejean: “We Do Look Good Together”

May 27, 2009

Will blond bombshell Miss California Carrie Prejean join Fox & Friends in the near future? Donald Trump seemed to think it was a capital idea. After his interview with F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and guest co-host Carrie Prejean, Trump declared, “Congratulations, Carrie: great job! The three of you look very, very good together!”

In fact, the trio appeared to second his assertion. Carrie eagerly responded, “We do look good together!” Steve nodded his agreement, and Brian concurred, “Absolutely!”

Trump would probably like nothing better than to have his Miss USA California replace a former Miss America (Gretchen Carlson) on Fox & Friends. Of Carrie’s appearance on F&F, Trump stated, “She’s doing well, I can tell you that.” He added, “Roger Ailes is a great genius, and I have a feeling that you’re going to see her a lot on Fox.” The Donald explained, “She’s got the IT factor; you know what the IT factor is; and she’s got it!”

Fox (Prejean) & Friends

May 15, 2009

Look out 1989 Miss America, Gretchen Carlson: 2009 Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, is replacing you! Albeit for only an hour–at least, for now. According to Washington Whispers (U.S. News & World Report), FNC inked the Miss USA runner-up and communications major to guest host for Gretchen on May 27 from 6:00-7:00 a.m. ET: The deal was finalized the very day (Wednesday) that Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump highly recommended that Rupert Murdoch hire the “great beauty” in an interview on Fox and Friends.

May 27: A real fox & Friends!–friends-gives-carrie-prejean-her-chance.html

Al, thanks for the “heads up.”

Mr. U.S.A. Riles Miss America

May 13, 2009

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson got her feathers ruffled by Donald Trump this morning. In the Miss USA pageant owner’s first interview (via phone) with F&F since he decided to let Miss California Carrie Prejean keep her crown after the Perez brouhaha, co-host Brian stated that he liked the contestants addressing the issues of the day. After noting that Carrie and other Miss USA competitors were given very tough questions, Trump remarked, “Our pageants are doing fantastically, Miss Universe [and] Miss U.S.A.: And, the Miss America pageant is off network television, off the air, and nobody even knows where it is.”

Taking umbrage at his denigration of her very crowner, the former Miss America animatedly answered, “Wait a minute, Donald; wait a minute. As a former Miss America, let’s be fair and balanced. We are not off national tv: we are on TLC.” Trump scoffed, “What is that?”Gretchen continued, “And, by the way, there are many differences between the programs: There is a talent competition in Miss America and all the money is used for scholarships. So, let’s not get into a war over that. Let’s just keep it all fair and balanced.” Betwixt Gretchen and Miss California on the curvy couch, Brian interjected, “Yeah, especially, Donald, look where I’m sitting!” Ignoring Brian and addressing Gretchen, a chastened yet undeterred Trump responded, “No, it has to be fair and balanced: I agree with that. But, you know, they are not on network television, and there is a difference.”

Laurels to Gretch for defending her realm. However, the Donald is right: It’s a declining one.

“Dumb Bitch” Trumps Queen

May 12, 2009

The Beauty and the Beast. Perez Hilton, the self-dubbed Queen of All Media, got “bitched slapped” today by Donald Trump as the Donald announced that Miss California Carrie Prejean would keep her coveted crown. Perez has waged a secular holy war against the blonde beauty ever since she answered that she believed that marriage should be only between a man and a woman.* In his video blog immediately after the Miss USA pageant, Judge #8 Perez, called Carrie a “dumb bitch”; derided her response as the “worst answer in pageant history”; and bragged that he would have “gone up on stage…[and]…snatched that tiara off of her head” if she had won.**

Trump began, “If her beauty wasn’t so great, nobody really would have cared.” According to the Donald, Carrie’s answer to Perez’ “controversial” question was “honorable,” “from her heart,” mirrored President Barack Obama’s position, and had “to be commended.”  As to the photos, he explained that they were “fine”: some “very beautiful,” some “risque,” and others “modeling pictures”: After all,  he said, “We are in the 21st century!” He announced, “Carrie will remain Miss California: She will…do a fantastic job.”

Unfortunately for Queen Perez, when he asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?,” he did not expect Trump to truthfully answer, “Carrie Prejean.” In fact, the author thought he saw Trump silently singing, “I wish they all could be California girls!”



“God” Fires Up AM

May 1, 2009

“Wish they all could be California girls!” That refrain was not heard on American Morning as co-host Kiran Chetry moderated an animated discussion between lib comedienne/talk show host Stephanie Miller today and her conservative counterpart radio host Michael Reagan.* When Kiran asked Miller to weigh in on the Miss California controversy, Miller snidely stated, “No offense to anybody out there but, you know, to be that far right and out of touch with the American people, and inarticulate, I think she going to have to up against Sarah Palin for the Republican nomination 2012.”

Reagan robustly rebutted, “By the way, the state of California voted for Prop 8 and against same-sex marriage….If she were to say the exact same thing about Perez Hilton today as Perez Hilton said about her, she would be guilty of a hate crime.” He added, “She answered it honestly. She believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman; that’s the way I believe; [and] that’s how most people believe it.”

Miller countered, “That’s not what most people think. I don’t know if you’ve checked the news lately but I think that New Hampshire just joined several states yesterday in voting for gay marriage….You mentioned one state.”

As the segment concluded, Reagan acerbicly asserted, “I’ll stay with God: You stay with New Hampshire.” Kiran exclaimed, “Oh!” A piqued Miller retorted, “I’ll stay Godless, I guess.”

When Kiran sanguinely segued to co-anchor John Roberts, John remarked, “It’s always right at the end where that hand grenade just goes off. Kiran replied, “Right! Toss me a zinger.”

A real bombshell!

*AM (05/01/09) – @9:42 a.m. ET

Megyn Kelly: Miss Cali Has Implants

April 30, 2009

America’s Newsroom co-anchor Megyn Kelly is apparently no fan of Miss USA California, Carrie Prejean. On the O’Reilly Factor tonight, the leggy towhead attorney/journo accused the blonde beauty queen of having “gone rogue” with her post-pageant emphasis on pro traditonal marriage advocacy vis-a-vis her pre-pageant special Olympics emphasis. In response, Bill O’Reilly defended Prejean’s right “to evolve” and to do both, and then Kelly seemed to soft-pedal her position somewhat. However, before her time was up, Kelly appeared to go in for the kill: Decrying the pageant directors for “playing dirty,” she disclosed that they had asserted that Prejean had had breast implants and that they had paid for them.


F&F Flogs Yet Touts Trump

April 23, 2009

Walking a fine between its conservative base and its favorite billionaire, F&F had its girl hit Trump hard and its boys tenderly caress him. F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America, grilled the Donald and his Miss USA 2009 while co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy schmoozed the real estate titan. A bit of delightful irony since the controversy was engendered by Perez Hilton’s question to Miss USA California Carrie Prejean about same-sex marriage.

In the first of the three-part interview, Gretchen interrogated Trump’s Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton about whether the Perez question had been fair, had effected the pageant’s outcome, and had placed Miss California in a no-win situation–not to mention how she would have answered the question herself. Visibly uncomfortable, the beauty queen’s basic answers were: fair, none, no, and yes. When Kristen echoed Perez’ post-pageant suggestion that same-sex marriages be up to the states and added that she felt personally that all couples should have the same protections afforded by marriage, Gretchen described her response as “politically correct.”

In the next segment, Gretchen turned her sights on the Donald himself. She questioned him about the legitimacy of the judges’ docking contestants for their personal beliefs, the trustworthiness of the judging of his pageant, and the Perez question’s effect on the determination of the winner. As to lowering contestants scores for their personal convictions, Trump appeared to agree that it was not a good idea. Seeming less assured, he indicated that the judging was not effected by the Perez question and that he thought Kristen would have won anyway. [Perhaps, his hesitancy stemmed from the prior statements of Perez and fellow Miss USA judge Alicia Jacob.]* Seeming somewhat incredulous, Gretchen concluded, “Well, it’s made it [a] tougher thing for Kristen…to have to come out and defend this and have so much attention going to the first runner-up…[I]t remains to be seen how the public will judge the organization.”

After getting scratched with Gretchen’s thorns, Brian and Steve threw him rose petals. They gave him an approximately four-minute infomercial for his new book, “Think Like a Champion.” In addition, they touted Trump’s eponymous vodka.

A little damage control and free publicity: He’ll be back!