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Clayton: Aly’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” II

February 13, 2010

Aly’s undressed? According to Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris, his co-host Alisyn Camerota had another “wardrobe malfunction” today. Coincidentally, he heralded an earlier one almost a year ago almost to the day (February 8, 2009).

As F&FW began this morning, only anchor Clayton Morris and guest host Carlos Amezcua sat on the curvy couch. Addressing his audience, Clayton commented, “It’s such a weird morning this morning….Usually, Alisyn is sitting right here. Literally, we had a wardrobe malfunction.” When he did, Carlos exclaimed, “Uh, oh!” and Aly laughed off-camera.

Subsequently, Clayton queried, “Aly, what in the world happened?” Aly replied, “Well, it’s hard to explain but I am wearing a Snuggie. I’m wearing a Snuggie, and it’s hard to mike the Snuggie. In response, chuckling, Clayton continued, “Oh, is that what happened?” Aly answered, “Yeah!”

Then, rather randily, Carlos interjected, “Are you wearing the Snuggie backwards or forwards?” As the camera panned to Aly with her backside to the camera, illustratively, she saucily caressed her derriere with her left hand and racily replied, “Well, I, I’m wearing it backwards-thank you for asking–because if I were to wear it forwards there would be an embarrassing, gaping hole in the back.”

Ironically, when Aly turned around to walk to the curvy couch, the “gaping hole” appeared in the front. As the Spanx mynx strode to confidently to the curvy couch she seemed to briefly show off her ebon tights from waist to toe. Last year, the “wardrobe malfunction” was off-air: This year, it was, too.

Or was it?

Briggs 2 Mexico: F&FW to Hispania?

February 13, 2010

As co-anchor Dave Briggs vacations in Mexico, Fox & Friends Weekend appropriately reached out to its Hispanic audience and chose Carlos Amezcua. In mien, Amezcua reminds the author of former Fox & Friends co-host Kelly Wright, who also seemed somewhat serious for F&F’s weekend fare. Once the author learned that Amezcua is a thirty-year journalist with ten Emmys, a “Golden Mikes” award, etc., he understood why Amezcua might be more comfortable behind the news desk rather than on the curvy couch.

Amezcua has done an excellent job this morning co-anchoring with Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris. However, he provides more gravitas than to which F&FW viewers have grown accustomed. Perhaps, the clearly talented Amezcua would serve FNC better as an afternoon or evening anchor. As for F&FW, it would certainly do well to avail itself of more Hispanics, especially, ones with an informed yet fun, fresh flair for the news.

According to Amezcua, he will be back in Los Angeles tomorrow. For tomorrow, Mr. Shine? Geraldo Rivera is no fresh face and he has Geraldo Live. Julie Banderas, too, has her own weekend show. Perhaps, Rebecca Diamond nee Gomez? FNC may need a deeper Hispanic bench.

Update: At the end of the show after this entry was posted, Amezcua clarified that he would return to host F&FW tomorrow. According to Rick, Dave will be off for two weeks. Ergo, the question and issue remain pertinent for next week and in the future.