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Victoria’s Secret Bra: F&F Falsie!

December 5, 2013

“Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Mon. at 10 pm.” Not! Fox & Friends producers let their standards slip this morning when they gave Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a free promo: They may have given their F&F fans a titillating tease with a personal appearance by Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel and her $10 million dollar bra and highlights of the show–but they also gave them the wrong day!

When F&F co-host Brian Kilmeade introduced the segment with Swanepoel, viewers were treated to footage of the angels sashaying down the catwalk in scant attire and, subsequently, by a lingering look at the vaunted Victoria’s Secret $10,000,000 bra.* Simultaneously, a chyron proclaimed (for almost a full 30 seconds), “The Sexiest Night on TV! Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Mon. at 10PM.” Oops: Actually, the V.S. Fashion Show is Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

Subsequently, Swanepoel and Brian did mention that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would air December 10th. However, neither noted the producers’ error and alerted theĀ F&F audience that December 10th will be next Tuesday, not next Monday. Unfortunately, co-hosts Steve Doocy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck missed it, too.

Victoria’s Secret bra: nice. Fox & Friends falsie: naughty.

*Fox & Friends – 12/05/13 (@ 8:53 p.m. ET).

“Dave, Aren’t You Married?”

April 25, 2010

Victoria’s Secret du jour Saturday: one hot mama. Introducing Fox & Friends Weekend segment, “Red-Hot Moms!,” guest host Juliet Huddy asked, “How do you get two grown men weak at the knees, drooling?” Answering her own question, she declared, “You just put Alessandra Ambrosio here, Victoria Secret model.” And was she right.

After Juliet had asked Alessandra about her twenty-month old baby Anja Louise, co-host Clayton Morris began coolly, querying, “We’ve been talking about this all morning, being a ‘hot mama.’ How do you whip it back into shape?…How did you do it?” After the lissome lovely explained her dietary regimen, a more obvious Dave Briggs, standing between Alessandra and Clayton, blandished, “It’s your job to look beautiful–and you, and you do it very well. Some people actually criticized you for being thin after having a toddler. What was that like?” Looking on, Juliet chuckled knowingly and rolled her eyes.

When Alessandra had answered Dave’s question, Clayton pulled Dave back, remarking, “Okay. Well, Dave’s been standing too closely to you. Do you mind if I slide over?” Grinning abashedly, Dave declared, “I knew that was coming!” Dressed in her white micro mini (with a sexy open weave), Alessandra, cooed, “No problem. I can be between you guys.” Juliet, with her hand on her hip, interjected, “Does this get really old for you–having men throw themselves at you like this? Alessandra giggled, and exclaimed, “Oh, God!”

Subsequently, Clayton asked Alessandra about the new Victoria Secret’s scent selection that she was touting. As Alessandra replied that the fragrance “Heavenly Flowers” was being launched at the Soho store Sunday, Dave made his move: he slyly walked behind both Clayton and Alessandra and sidled up next to Alessandra again but on her right side.) When Alessandra further elaborated that she and fellow V.S. models Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel would be signing autographs, Dave excitedly interjected, “Wait! When? Where?” Clayton animatedly piped up, “Wait, wait. Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t get the address.”

Then, when Alessandra repeated herself while showing them the promo flyer, Dave exclaimed, “Clayton and I are there!” As Clayton tried to hide his smile with his notes and Alessandra basked in the amorous enthusiasm, Juliet leaned in toward Dave, looked him straight in the eyes, and teased, “Dave, aren’t you married?” Looking away briefly, Dave retorted, “She’s back in Colorado.” Juliet guffawed, “Oh, brother!” Smoothly offering Dave an alibi for later, Alessandra remarked, “Well, actually, you can get this beautiful flower bouquet that you can give your wife if you go there ’cause you get one.” “Perfect!” responded Dave before licking his lips.

As the segment started to conclude, Clayton, trying to stake his claim, began to take off his jacket. Clayton flirted, “Alessandra, are you, are you a little cold? Are you a little cold today? Looking at Dave and rebuffing Clayton, Alessandra laughed, “I’m better now.”

Interjecting, Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, Dave friend and officemate, who had just walked onto the set, exclaimed, “Don’t you dare put that jacket on her!” Clayton retorted, “I was going to offer her this. She seems a little cold.” Then undeterred, he draped his coat over Alessandra’s shoulders.

However, apparently, for Dave’s sake, Rick immediately took Clayton’s coat off of Alessandra’s shoulders. Sarcastically, Rick riposted, “That’s very nice of you. [The segment is] now over, I think.” As Clayton tried to retrieve his jacket, Rick pulled it away and offered it to Dave. While Dave did not take it, he did look at Rick and smiled appreciatively.

As the segment ended, Juliet previewed the upcoming the stories. When she finished, she wagged her finger reprovingly in the faces of her male colleagues gathered adoringly around the lovely lingerie model. The unrepentant bees continued to hover worshipfully around their beautiful flower. And, she simply smiled and wafted her heavenly fragrances into their eager nostrils.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/24/10 (@8:53 a.m. ET)