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Ali Velshi: [I] Miss Kiran Chetry Every Morning

August 30, 2011

Yesterday American Morning co-host Ali Velshi pined for Kiran Chetry, hisĀ  gorgeous, exotic former AM co-host. After her hubby, meteorologist Chris Knowles, appeared anew on A.M.: Wake-Up Call for a weather segment, Ali Tweeted, “@chrisknowlestv nice to see you on our air. Miss @KiranChetryTV every morning.” And who could blame him?

After Kiran tearfully left AM for a mysterious “very special opportunity” on July 29, he has co-hosted the program with Christine Romans and Carol Costello. For the cosmopolitan Kenyan-born Canadian, his two former Iowa farm girls may seem a mite too plain and prosaic in comparison–especially, if the lovely ladies’ recent dress and mien are any indication. On one hand, Christine, overly cloaked in her high-collared tops and school marm midis, appears determined to play the earnest advocate: On the other, Carol, too oft in her Kyra Phillips slacks and/or Mary Jane shoes, seems to strive to be the studied cynic.

Unfortunately for Ali, AM‘s Aphrodite has left the the Time Warner Center: And, the sexy Nepalese beauty has not been replaced. Only Kiran’s personally dubbed “resident fashionistaAlina Cho may have come somewhat close. But, alas, Ali was gone that day.

Missing Kiran, Ali? So do your American Morning viewers!

Roberts: Back to Canada

March 11, 2009

American Morning’s John Roberts is heading back to Canada. No, Jonathan Klein has not given him his walking papers: Rather, Kiran Chetry’s “nemesis” is to be inducted into the Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame tomorrow during Canadian Music Week. JD, famed former MuchMusic veejay (as well as top-40 CHUM radio show host, music news show CITY-TV’s CityPulse anchor, etc.) will be feted at the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards shindig reception.

Congrats, John!

Worry not, Roberts fans: your guy is scheduled to return to AM bright and early Monday morning.