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Megyn K.: Knockout

April 16, 2008

Megan K. seems to be FNC’s new “it” girl. From Kendall to Kelly to Knockout. According to WaPo columnist Howard Kurtz, the lawyer lovely’s audition tape ko’d Brit Hume, Fox News’ Washington managing editor. Kurtz reports that Hume indicated that the demo of this “strikingly attractive” attorney knocked him out. (Apparently so: this “fast-rising” leggy learned’s appearances span FNC’s broadcast day as she co-hosts American Morning, co-anchors the afternoon America’s Election Headquarters, and regularly contributes on the O’Reilly Factor.) As lagniappe, Kurtz notes Kelly’s “hottie” status on the Web and observes that her FNC “morning show…showcases her long legs.”

Watch out, Gretchen, Alisyn, and, Ainsley! Megyn may be poised to take your seat on the Fox & Friends sofa. Is she FNC’s next Kiran Chetry?