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AM: All Ms. (Bristol Palin)

November 18, 2010

Five features for the Dancing with the Stars finalist! In one of the strangest American Morning shows yet, co-host Kiran Chetry and CNN correspondent Carol Costello elevated Bristol Palin, former governor Sarah Palin‘s daughter, almost to the status of America’s Princess. On a day when AM celebrated Great Britain’s Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton extensively, it likewise covered America’s Tea Party Princess Bristol Palin albeit with more caustic commentary.

On this surreal American Morning, Bristol appeared thrice in “Morning Talkers” (Kiran/John Roberts’ confab) as to her PSA with the Jersey Shore‘s Situation in an abstinence/safe-sex spot and twice in “Gut Check” (Carol’s report) as to her advancement to the final on ABC’s DWTS. However, this American Morning princess was not well received by either Kiran or Carol.

In the “Morning Talkers” segments, Kiran appeared loaded for bear, or the Mama Grizzly’s cub, at least. In the very first one, Kiran laughed that the single mom’s paean to abstinence was “jaw-dropping” and “painful to watch…(that’s why I wanted to bring it to you guys).”* In the next one, Kiran noted, that Bristol’s words were “cringe inducing” immediately before joyfully announcing that Michael Vick, convicted felon and animal abuser–incidentally,  the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, her husband Chris Knowles’ favorite team–appeared possibly headed for redemption as the NFL’s MVP this year.** Then, in the third and final one, Kiran scoffed at Bristol, saying, “Some fine acting….I think that people should practice what they preach about that.”***

[After Kiran made that acerbic remark about Bristol, co-anchor John Roberts told Kiran that her microphone was off. In reply Kiran replied, “Maybe, my mike was off for a reason: I couldn’t put my foot in my mouth.” Unfortunately for Kiran, she could: her audience was still able to hear her.]

In Carol’s “Gut Check” story (which aired twice),**** Bristol fared no better. When John segued to Carol’s report, he declared, “While the judges may not exactly love her moves, the television audience keeps pushing Palin through, leaving some people to wonder if, maybe, we’re witnessing a vast conservative conspiracy.” Leaving little doubt as to where she stood, Carol replied, “If Bristol Palin’s presence on Dancing with the Stars proves anything, it proves just how partisan we’ve become as a nation.” Darkly, she added, “I’m sure you’ve heard this: some believe the only reason Bristol Palin remains on Dancing with the Stars is because of the Tea Party/Republican conspiracy.”

AM‘s Bristol Palin: no common, ordinary girl.

*American Morning – 11/17/10 (@ 6:24 a.m. ET)

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Aly & Palin: Oil, Pols, & Boobs

June 12, 2010

Sarah’s assets: real or inflated? Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota interviewed former Alaska governor about the BP oil spill disaster, recent female ballot box successes, and, yes–Palin breast enhancement rumors. After Palin had opined on the Gulf crisis, women’s political ascendancy, etc., Aly went personal: however, she stayed above the belt, so to speak.

Before running a stand-alone clip of that particular question, Aly explained that it was always difficult to decide whether to ask a “newsmaker about his or her personal life.”* Then, she stated, “But, I went there because it’s been the top item on so many websites and blogs so I asked her if she had [had] some enhancements lately.”

Subsequently, in the footage aired, Aly reticently queried, “Let me ask you a very primitive question….[S]ome websites [say] that, perhaps, you’ve had some physical enhancements. Do you want to set the record straight today?” Without flinching, Palin proclaimed, “No. I don’t have breast implants!” She continued, “And, it’s funny that we even have to talk about it. But…those bored bloggers and some reporters who are covering this issue…really…need to get a life.”

After the film snippet concluded, Aly commented, “She went on to say that she first heard about this story about her own body when her daughter Bristol called her, laughing hysterically and said, ‘You won’t believe what they’re talking about now: you won’t believe what they’re focused on.'” Clowning, Clayton racily interjected, “And, to all the bloggers  who wanted to ask that question, yes, I have had enhancements.” Responding rather risquely, Aly “focused” on Clayton: looking him up and down twice, she jested, “Hm. It’s obvious!”

Back above the belt, Aly!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 06/12/10 (@9:35 a.m. ET)