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Dave’s Dance: Off-Screen

October 10, 2010

Aly: “Dancing on the sofa.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs pulled a “Tom Cruise” (atop Oprah’s sofa) today: however, unfortunately, F&FW producers failed to deliver it to their audience. Happily, at least, co-host Alisyn Camerota disclosed the off-screen incident to her F&FW fans.

After a headlines news story (read by Aly) featuring a clip of the Blue Brothers dancing to the now deceased Solomon Burke‘s “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Aly revealed, “And, I’m chuckling because Dave is dancing on the sofa to the Blues Brothers’ song.”* Co-anchor Clayton Morris remarked, “How can you not? “Soul Man” [sic]. Still in the mood and mimicking a hep cat’s voice, an animated Dave declared, “It’s the Blues Brothers, baby!”

Immediately thereafter segueing to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s weather report, Clayton commented, “Let’s check in with Rick Reichmuth who’s still laughing because he thought that that Soyuz capsule [another headlines news story] was Greg Gutfeld up there in space.” Holding his cellphone up, Rick replied, “No, I actually was laughing at Dave. And, I was trying to take a picture from my standpoint of Dave.” “Not happening!,” interjected Dave. When Rick concluded (after being interrupted), “As he was dancing there during Alisyn’s [segment],” Dave explained, “That’s ’cause I wasn’t on camera.”

In response, Rick aptly noted, “We should have like a constant feed ’cause Dave’s constantly dancing or something while Aly’s doing the headlines.” Or, perchance, producers could simply instruct their camerapersons to catch those priceless moments to share them with the fans? At the very least, a YouTube clip might be in order.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/10/10 (@9:08 a.m. ET)