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Megyn Flustered

October 7, 2008

Spirited Megyn Kelly, America’s Newsroom co-host, got flustered a bit today in her segment with Joe Farah, editor and friend of Obama Nation author Jerome Corsi. (Corsi had been detained by the Kenyan government because he allegedly did not have a work permit.) The feisty, foxy esquire prefaced her interview with statements that Corsi was in Kenya to promote his “unflattering” book, had been deported, and had made “disproven” claims that Obama was raised a Muslim.

Farah responded, “Let me correct a few errors there”: He stated that Corsi had not been deported and that Obama had indeed been raised a Muslim. Defensively, Megyn responded, “Understood but there’s no dispute that today Barack Obama is not a Muslim.” Farah replied that Corsi said that Obama is a Christian today. Megyn answered, “Got it. Okay. I’m not trying to smear Jerome Corsi.”

Then Megyn asserted that the AP had good sources and that it had said that Corsi had been deported and that she did not know the truth. Then she claimed anew that Corsi had gone over to promote his book: Farah scoffed, “Nobody goes to Kenya to promote a book: Jerome Corsi went down to continue his investigative work into Obama’s connections with Prime Minister Odinga.” After Farah elaborated further, Megyn heatedly replied, “Listen, don’t get defensive: I’m just trying to get to the bottom of why your guy has been detained in Kenya.”

Megyn relishes a combative approach to her interviews. E.g., later in AN, she put Obama spokesman Bill Burton (as to Bill Ayers) and McCain spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer (as to the Keating Five) through their paces in rigorous aerobic workouts. (The generally conservative Megyn does not seem to be in the tank for either candidate.) However, today she seemed to take more from Farah than she dished out.

Cf. for a similar dust-up between Gretchen Carlson and Lanny Davis.

Clayton: Ayers “So-Called Terrorist”

October 5, 2008

At 7:06 ET Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris called Bill Ayers a “so-called terrorist” as he introduced a segment entitled “Radical Ties.” The segment focused on Sarah Palin’s accusing Barack Obama of “pal[ling] around with terrorists who targeted their own country” yesterday after a front page article in the New York that indicated that Barack Obama had “played down his contacts” with Ayers. (Bill Ayers is the unrepentant founder of the radical Weathermen group that claimed responsibility “for bombing the Capitol, the Pentagon, the State Department Building and banks, courthouses and police stations” according to the New York Times.)

Clayton: fair and unbalanced?