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Juliet: “I Don’t Like [Gore]”

December 17, 2009

On Red Eye yesterday, FNC anchor Juliet Huddy revealed that she is not kissing the ring of the green pontiff, Al Gore. And, she was not shy about it.

During a segment on Gore’s mistaken claim that the Arctic could be free of ice during summer within five years, Red Eye second banana Bill Shulz opined, “I feel that Al Gore pops more GOP blood vessels than Scotch and Viagra combined. I don’t get why you guys hate this person so much.” Slapping Bill on the shoulder, Juliet exclaimed, “Oh, I can tell you. I don’t like the man.”

When Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld asked her why, Juliet explained, “I had to follow him in politics back in ’97 back in Miami. And, he saw the Fox News mike flag go up, and he sneered at me. And I asked a question.” Bill sarcastically interjected, “I wonder why. We’ve been taking potshots.” Julie laughingly scoffed, “Not back then we didn’t.”

Gore sneered: Juliet shrugged, not.

*Red Eye – 12/16/09 (@3:05 a.m. ET)