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Cuomo Whacks Trump

July 20, 2015

Chris: The Donald’s “disposition, dyspepsia, and demagoguery.” If one watches New Day, s/he can tell immediately that ND co-host Chris Cuomo is no fan of the Celebrity Apprentice star and real estate magnate. In fact, the Cuomo scion evinces utter disdain for the leading GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Introducing a segment re surging Democratic insurgent Prez aspirant Bernie Sanders this morning, Chris facetiously queries, “Is Bernie Sanders the Democrat’s Donald Trump?” Taking a gratuitous shot at The Donald, he snarked, “No, not in disposition, dyspepsia, and demagoguery: But is he tapping into the passion of his party?”

Will Trump hit back at Mario’s boy? Tune in. It should be fun!

New Day07/20/15 (8:33 a.m. ET).

Doocy: Aly, Gretchen’s “Apprentice”

February 22, 2010

Doocy’s awkward segue or prescient prediction? As Fox & Friends began its second hour, Invanka Trump promoted it in a voice-over as “the best show on news television.” Ever the amiable agitator, co-host Brian Kilmeade observed, “Notice she was couching a little bit on ‘news television.’ She could have said ‘television’ [to] include the Cartoon Network [and to] include Discovery but no: ‘news television.'” Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota agreed, “She was hedging!”

Subsequently, co-host Steve Doocy interposed, “And, her father’s got that show over at NBC: So, maybe, she didn’t want to badmouth her father.” Brian jested, “Who’s her dad?” Aly guffawed and whispered, “The Donald.”

Then, introducing Aly’s headline news segment, Steve declared, “Speaking of the Donald, Gretchen is off today, and Alisyn is in her place.” Not quite seeing the connection, Aly responded, “Interesting segue. But, okay!” Steve explained, “As her apprentice.” Good-naturedly, Aly laughed, “Okay. Got it. Fantastic!”

Perhaps, Aly did not quite “catch it” is because Steve’s toss fell far from the mark. As many of her F&F fans know, the F&F Weekend co-anchor can more than hold her own against her weekday counterpart, Gretchen Carlson. In fact, not only does Aly seem to display a less earnest and less affected mien but also she appears to evidence a more natural rapport with both her co-hosts and F&F‘s audience.

For the record as to F&FW, in her October 2009 Celebrity Parents Magazine interview, Aly said, “At the moment, I’m exactly where I want to be.” [Italics added for emphasis.]  If so, is she Gretchen’s apprentice, too? And, her Eve?

Prejean Deposed: Gretch Relieved?

June 11, 2009

Another day, a hotter honey! Apparently, Miss USA owner Donald Trump really did think that the former 2009 Miss California Carrie Prejean’s topless pics were just “fine”.* According to, Prejean claimed that she rejected Miss California USA pageant attempts last month to have her pose for Playboy semi-nude: Pageant panjandrum Keith Lewis countered that he was not touting them but merely presenting them to her for her consideration.** Citing contractual breaches, the Miss California USA pageant deposed Prejean and replaced her with runner-up Miss Malibu Jamie Farrell.***

In essence, aping his Apprentice avatar, the Donald essentially has said, “You’re fired!” After chivalrously saving the Christian damsel in distress, has he now thrown her mercilessly to the lions for entertainment’s sake? Or was she a non-compliant diva that just had to go?**** Regardless of the answer, P.T. Barnum would be proud of his Manhattan mogul avatar.

N.B. Fox & Friends fans, only about two weeks ago, Trump strongly suggested that FNC’s Roger Ailes would hire Prejean and stated that she “look[ed] very, very good together” with co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on F&F. Now with his beauty queen’s ouster, he may have less to gain from the first 2009 Miss California USA’s replacing of 1989 Miss America Gretchen Carlson on the show.***** With her potential rival, Prejean “whatever,”****** apparently, on the outs, Gretch may be breathing a bit easier today.

UPDATE: The dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean gave her first morning news interview to F&F. She received a sympathetic ear from both Fox & Friends co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. The other beauty queen on the set, Gretchen Carlson was conspicuously absent for that segment.


Tiny Titan Trashes Trump

March 23, 2009

The candor of kids: not good for Fox & Friends favorite billionaire! After being interviewed by F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson on his “apprentice creator” business card, his career aspirations, etc., the eight-year-old entrepreneur Tanner Leuellen transported Fox & Friends co-host Gretch Carlson into the “No Spin Zone.” When she asked him whether he had watched the Apprentice and whether he knew who Donald Trump was, he indicated that he had and he did. Unfortunately for Gretch, Tanner added, “He’s kinda mean!” to laughter in the studio.

A surprised Gretch sat up in her seat suddenly, smiled, bit her lip, and exclaimed, “He is?” Undaunted, the tiny tycoon grimaced and answered, “He is: He kinda gives me the willies.” Gretch responded, “That’s because he says, ‘You’re fired,’ but, definitely you are not going to be fired: You are starting off in a very innovative way, you’re only eight years, and you are a little sweetheart.”

Knowing the Donald, he probably got a few ideas. Can Kid Apprentice be too far behind? Will Little Tanner be its spokesman or one of its first contestants?