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Juliet: “It’s a Kitchen Cousins Sandwich!”

December 8, 2011

Huddy happy in the middle–again: “I’m a giver! I’m a giver!” Sexy Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy just “can’t help it“: The carnal cougar seems to relish being in the center of a manwich. Less than four months ago, Juliet celebrated being in a “Philly sandwich” between fellow F&FW co-hosts Clayton Morris and Mike Jerrick: Yesterday, she relished being the treat in a “Kitchen Cousins sandwich” between beefcake kin Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri.

In a pre-break promo for the upcoming Kitchen Cousins segment almost mid-show, Juliet stood between the two cousins in the F&FW kitchen.* As the camera panned in on the three, Juliet coaxed the boys to get closer to her, saying, “Come get in here! So handsome, you guys.” As she fanned her flushing face with her hand, Juliet eyed each cousin suggestively, purring, “It’s a Kitchen Cousins sandwich!” As she laughed wickedly, a chagrined Colaneri blushed and goatish Carrino replied, “Oh, boy!”

Later, when F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy began the interview with the two cousins, an off-camera Juliet yelled, “Hoooo!”** As the boys smiled, Steve turned around toward his randy co-host, instructing, “Stop hooting over there, Juliet.” Subsequently, after querying them about their HGTV show and whether they were looking for more kitchens to redo, Steve jested, “And, Juliet said you’re also looking for girls.”

When the abashed Kitchen Cousin guys reddened, producers went to a split screen of them and Juliet. In response, Colaneri stammered, “I guess, I, are, you [Juliet], you just exploded something,” as Carrino chuckled, “Thank you, Juliet.” Pointing back to the boys, a smiling Juliet proclaimed, “I’m a giver! I’m a giver!”

Arching his eyebrows, Steve looked back at Juliet, exclaiming, “What!” Embarrassed, Juliet stuttered, “I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, you know, I’m just, jus [sic] saying, you know.” As Carrino howled and clapped his hands with glee, Juliet insisted, “I’m just giving, giving the information.”

Jaunty Juliet: Just giving.

*Fox & Friends – 12/07/11 (@ 7:41 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at 7:52 a.m. ET.