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Gretch: “Not About Me”

June 12, 2009

Her parents got gored by GM last week, and today Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson was more than ready to return the favor. (GM notified the Carlsons that their GM dealership, Main Motors, in Anouk, Minnesota, would be shuttered.) Introducing the segment with GM spokesperson Susan Docherty, Gretchen claimed, “I have disclosed on this show that my parents’ dealership in Minnesota is being shut down by General Motors: But, this morning the story is not about me or my parents: It’s about capitalism.”

Subsequently, Gretchen turned into a virtual Mike Wallace or, at least, her predecessor E.D. Hill (when crusading). First, she accused GM of being untruthful in its alleged assertions that it would “only terminate under-performing dealerships.” Second, she wondered (citing Rep. Carol Shea-Porter of NH) whether “profitable dealerships are being asked to close their doors because of the mistakes and mismanagement of corporate CEO’s in Detroit. Third, she acerbically commented, “The dealers were still making money…selling your product and…weren’t the ones going to Washington…asking for billions of dollars from the American taxpayers…[and] now it’s very easy to get rid of them…in this structured bankruptcy.” With blood-thirst in her eyes, Gretchen continued to go after Docherty and her employer GM with the vengeance of a mother bear robbed of her cubs.

As readers of Carpe Diem may know, the author believes that Gretchen generally is not best suited for the early morning hours of F&F. However, today was an exception. As Gretch aggressively defended her own with unsheathed daggers in her eyes, this viewer was riveted to the little screen.

*F&F (06/12/09) – @7:15 a.m.


GM: Gretch Motors Survives

May 19, 2009

For now the (Gretchen) Carlson family General Motors dealership in Anouk, Minnesota, started in 1919, was spared the feared franchise termination letter. Heralding the good news in a Fox and Friends on-set interview were Gretchen’s parents who were in town to celebrate the sixth birthday of their grandchild Kaia, Gretch and Casey Close’s daughter. However, tempering the elation, Gretch said, “Well, you skirted the first round”: Her mom agreed, “And now we’ll see. Now we’ll see.”

Congrats, Gretch and fam!

*After the Show Show: 05/18