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Smitten Ainsley Sexes It Up

March 29, 2016

For People Magazine’s “Sexiest Vet.” Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt was very demure for her fans but she finally showed some skin for her hunky guest, veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin. Yes, that South Carolina Southern belle was clearly smitten.

As Ainsley opened the show in the first hour, she tugged repeatedly at the hem of her dress–four times (a double tug, for good measure), to be exact–to make sure that it virtually hugged her knees. And, she demurely did so for almost the entirety of the show until she interviewed her beefcake eye candy [vid]: Then, she gladly bared her gorgeous gams for Dr. Antin, chyronned “‘Sexiest Vet Alive’: People Magazine Picks Out Hot Doctor.” No pulling down of the hem then: Perhaps, even a flirty hike!

The irony is that it was really no big deal. The Ainsley of old was never one shy of flaunting her sexy stems: But, when she joined F&F as its official co-anchor, she said that she could not fill very family-friendly Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s shoes but she certainly seemed to try her best to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor who platonically deemed her co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade “brothers.” Likewise, Ainsley has seemed to try to tamp down the sexual tension that characterized F&F with “FoxesE. D. Hill and Gretchen Carlson (not to mention guest co-hosts like Kiran Chetry, Alisyn Camerota, and Anna Kooiman) and their co-anchors Steve and Brian (who famously once swatted Aly’s lovely derriere).

For the reader who whines that Fox & Friends is strictly “NEWS,” s/he should remember that it is not. As the current senior executive vice president of FNC Bill Shine apprised the NYT, F&F “falls under the network’s entertainment umbrella and does not pretend to be straight news.” To whit, F&F is edutainment: Get the news with a fun, flirty twist to start your morn!


Gretchen’s Joke Falls Flat: “Can You Hear Me?”

February 4, 2013

Brian: “Yeah, I can.” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson ribbed her co-anchor Brian Kilmeade about “one of [his] favorite spies…Anna Chapman“–and Brian was not amused. So much so that he ignored Gretchen–to her chagrin. And, the former Miss America is not fond of such a lese-majeste: But, today, she had to sit back on her curvy couch “throne” and brook it.

Mid-show this morn, as producers ran footage of Victoria’s Secret models saucily sashaying down the catwalk and sexily posing for the camera, Gretchen read the headline story entitled, “‘Don’t Be a Plain Jane’: Feds Train Workers to Improve Their Looks” (re a DIA presentation encouraging female employees to don makeup, wear skirts, and paint their nails).  Segueing to a split-screen Brian (co-anchoring from the Big Easy post Super Bowl), Gretchen jested, “Now, Brian, I know that…one of your favorite spies ever was Anna Chapman from Russia. And, she tended to dress up in a skirt, makeup, and used probably some nail polish.”

As Gretchen spoke, Brian, frowning, looked straight ahead at the camera. When Gretchen had finished, Brian looked down at his notes instead of replying. Befuddled at his non-response, Gretchen asked, “Can you hear me?” Looking up without a smile, Brian replied, “Yeah, I can. I, I just never fell for her, her trap. I do believe there is a bigger story there and you know that.”  Embarrassed, Gretchen gulped hard, pursed her lips, and nodded her head repeatedly. With a slight smile, Brian continued,” And, everyone just because she’s hot and has a nice body people kind of fell for it. But, I believe the Russians are still here.”

Russians? Yesteryear, they were red: Today, Gretchen was.

Fox & Friends – 02/04/13 – 7:37 a.m. ET

“As Long as the Wife Doesn’t Mind”

October 21, 2010

John Roberts: “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” When it comes Russia’s reified Bond babe, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts sounded today as if his fiancee Kyra Phillips, CNN Newsroom anchor, has him now on a rather short leash. And, the bad boy may have inadvertently jerked a bit on it this morning.

As Carpe Diem readers may remember, John apparently got into trouble with Kyra earlier this year (June 30) about his seeming crush on Chapman when he randily reported on the nabbed Red-hot Russian operative and her sexy Internet photos. Not only did viewers notice but, apparently, so did Kyra. When John appeared on her show CN later that morning to discuss  Chapman, Kyra teased him about his love for “sultry redheads.” When John defensively declared, “Just–just for the record, there’s only one sultry redhead that fascinates me,” Kyra responded, “Thank goodness. And, thankfully, you are engaged to her.”

Eight days later, John seemed to leave little doubt that Kyra did not care for his appreciation of the “sultry [Russian] redhead.” When John did a follow-up story on Chapman (and the other Russian spooks), he asked former F.B.I. Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes about her return to Russia. When Fuentes teased, “And, I know, John, it’s breaking your heart to see Anna Chapman go back,” an abashed John replied, “You’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” Chuckling afterwards, John noted, ““Yes! My face is now the color of Anna Chapman’s hair. Imagine that!”

Today, an apparently chastened John tread more softly as AM anew covered the comely Chapman, who recently appeared scantily clad in the Russian edition of Maxim magazine. After the first airing of Jeanne Moos’ report entitled, “Russia’s Undercover Girl: Exposed spy Anna Chapman bares almost all,” of Kiran, John asked, “So, what do you think?” When co-host Kiran Chetry replied, “She’s pretty,” John dutifully replied, “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” Laughing, Kiran added, “And you don’t want her on Maxim.” Perchance, trying to convince himself of that fact, John answered, “Yeah. And, she’s forty-two years old. She a mature woman, too. Perhaps, a bit too late for his own good, he hastily added, “And a younger woman, too. The best of all worlds.”

Possibly, mindful of his unfortunate gaffe about the age of his “mature woman,” John seemed to walk on eggs shells after producers ran Moos’ story again before the AM segue to CN. As the report ended with Vice President Joe Biden’s joke to Jay Leno about the “hot” Chapman, Kiran commented, “That was a great line by the Vice Prez.”**  Smiling, John tersely replied, “It was.” Echoing Biden, Kiran continued, “It wasn’t my idea to send her back.” Wisely, John added, “As long as the wife doesn’t care about it.”

Shortly thereafter, when John did toss to Kyra, she slightly smiled and simply said, “Good morning, guys” and went straight into her CNN Newsroom programming. No more words about “sultry redheads” today. Apparently, this “wife” just might care about it.

*American Morning – 10/21/10 (6:55 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/21/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

AM’s Roberts: RED-Blooded

July 8, 2010

“Your going to get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” Oh!Anna again, John? Apparently, engaged American Morning co-anchor John Roberts just can not help eying the spy, Anna Chapman, Russia’s sexy supposed spook. Eight days ago, fiancee Kyra Phillips, host of CNN Newsroom, gave John grief about his apparent fascination with the ravishing red-headed Ruskie. Today, former F.B.I. Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes joined in the jibing at John.

During a segment entitled “A Spy for a Spy: Russian and U.S. negotiating swap,” Fuentes opined that some of the purported Russian spies may not want to return because, in part, they may get bad reviews from Russia’s “KGB.” When John countered that some Russian spies were on postage stamps, Fuentes explained that their mission might be deemed a failure because they had not procured any state secrets. Then, Fuentes nettled, “And, I know, John, it’s breaking your heart to see Anna Chapman go back but I think you’ll see her on the talk show circuit in no time and these guys will be celebrities once this all settles.”*

Chuckling while reddening, John responded, “You’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” When the interview ended, guest co-host Kate Bolduan teased, “I think someone’s blushing: Something I’ve always tried to do, and Tom Fuentes is the one that can accomplish it.” Chagrined, John good-naturedly conceded, “Yes! My face is now the color of Anna Chapman’s hair. Imagine that!” Writhing in amusement, Kate laughed, “Oh, my god!”

John, surely, not the Coolidge effect already!

*American Morning – 07/08/10 (@8:16 a.m. ET)