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“Nasty” Girl: Gretch’s Bawdy Ann Romney Joke

July 3, 2012

“Hold on, Mitt: you’re in for a ride!” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson got her own motor purring as she took racy delight in the sight of Ann Romney taking her man Mitt for a spin on a New Hampshire lake. In the “Shot of the Morning” segment (subtitled “Joy Ride: The Romneys on a Wild Adventure”), the saucy Swedish siren could not quite contain her wilder instints as producers aired pics of Mrs. Romney taking her putative GOP nominee hubby Mitt for a jet ski romp. Perhaps, having her hunky co-anchor Eric Bolling by her side did not exactly help.

As F&F returned for the second half hour of the show this morning, Eric simply narrated how the Romneys were spending their Fourth holiday week as the water-fun photos ran.* Interjecting, co-host Brian Kilmeade commented, “I think the key shot there is Ann Romney’s driving.” Laughing, Gretchen suggestively answered, “I like that!”

Subsequently, when the shot of an exuberant Ann Romney in control as her man Mitt held on for dear life aired (a second time), Gretchen remarked, “Look, she’s gunning it. Hold on, Mitt!” Then, cackling naughtily, she randily remarked, “You’re in for a ride!”

As Eric chuckled at Gretchen’s salacious jest, Brian ignored it and offered his own color commentary, joking, “We got to get ready for the Romney Olympics….They have a bunch of kids and they compete in a bunch of events.” Shaking her head at his slight, a smiling Gretchen replied, “Brian, my jokes just go right over your head. Right?” Trying to come chivalrously to his damsel’s succor, a grinning Eric interposed, “I heard it!”

Looking at Gretchen “innocently,” Brian impishly deadpanned, “What? No, go ahead. What did you say–you’re going for a ride?” Pointing to herself, Gretchen queried, “Did I over, did I over think that?” Beaming, Brian riposted, “Yeah, you over thought that.”

Grinning herself, an undaunted Gretchen laughed, “Okay. Today, Brian and I are going to be on the radio together. ” Arching her eyebrows saucily, she added, “And, it’s going to be nasty!”

Ann Romney: proper Mormon mom. Gretchen Carlson? “Nasty” girl!

*Fox & Friends – 07/03/12 (@ 6:31 a.m. ET)

Gretchen: Downplayin’ Palin?

January 6, 2010

Playing up to the “too perfect” Mitt Romney?* In part 3 of her exclusive interview with the probable 2012 GOP presidential candidate and author of No Apology: The Case for American Greatness on his bucolic estate, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson asked him about Sarah Palin (whether she would splinter the GOP with the formation of a third party). In response, Romney replied that he did not think that Palin would but that she was a “great energizing member of the party” with “good ideas that have galvanized a lot of support for the party. In a follow-up, Gretchen asked, “[S]he’s sold hundreds and thousands of books, does that intimidate you as you go out on your book tour. [Italics added for emphasis.]

When the author heard Gretchen’s query, he had to rewind the proverbial tape. No, she did not say, “hundreds of thousands” but “hundreds and thousands.” N.B. Even though the interview was a couple of weeks ago (according to Gretchen), Palin’s book sales of Going Rogue had sold over a million copies and the print run had been increased from 1.5 to 2.8 million by December 1, 2009.

Maybe, Gretchen was merely careless. Or, perhaps, she simply preferred this presidential candidate who she later alluded to as “too perfect” and ” too well together.”* Regardless, her co-host Brian Kilmeade appeared to feel the need to note Palin’s significant sales numbers, albeit indirectly: Later, after part 4 of the interview, Brian remarked, “It’s going to be interesting because his book comes out, and you have the numbers from Sarah Palin’s book, and, you wonder if that’s going to blast off like hers did.”

*Full quote (Gretchen): “And, I was discussing with Ann some of the things that catch on, like, for example, people said, “Oh, well, Mitt Romney just is too perfect; he’s too well put together; [and] his hair is always in place. And, somehow, that suddenly became a negative. Was that surprising to you?”