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Kiran’s Bad Bounce

May 4, 2009

Must be something in the water! On the same day that Fox & Friends rival Gretchen Carlson returned with two broken ribs from a fall down her stairs, Kiran returned with a neck injury from a Moonbounce landing that went awry. Happily, she’s on the mend, too.

Over the weekend, Kiran, apparently, took her daughter Maya Rose to a three-year-old friend’s birthday party.* Tweeting about the incident, Kiran confessed to “show[ing] off for the kiddies in the Moonbounce.” She elaborated, “[I] did a flip and landed wrong!”: Then she self-deprecatingly joked, “I guess I’m not 14 anymore.” Reassuring her Twitter fans and followers, she added, “Just a stiff neck but I learned my lesson.”

Glad you’re okay, Kiran! Has Chris submitted an iReport yet?