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“Mrs.” Martha MacCallum: Ring of Truth?

September 7, 2012

Martha “punking” her fervent fans? Looking lovely as ever, FNC anchor Martha MacCallum hit the floor of the Democratic National Convention for Fox News on America’s Election Headquarters in a form-fitting blue dress last night. The blonde beauty commanded rapt attention as she deftly corresponded from the hall before President Obama’s coronation. However, she looked somewhat different than she had earlier in the day on America’s Newsroom other than the wardrobe change: Unless the author’s eyes deceived him (in a ring close-up shot),* Martha was donning a simple ring with a solitary stone on her ring finger instead of her usual one with white rocks across the crest.**

As Carpe Diem readers may remember, Martha was profiled in (201) Magazine December 2011 in an article entitled, “Holiday Look: Martha MacCallum and Her Family Get Dressed Up to Celebrate.” According to the story, Martha, “her husband, Daniel, and their three kids” resided in Ridgewood, New Jersey. In the accompanying photos, Martha (with a ring on her left ring finger) was seen with her family sans her husband Daniel.

Approximately four months later on AN (March 28), the author noticed and noted that Martha was “missing” her wedding band in his Carpe Diem article “Martha MacCallum: Mrs. or Ms.?” Soon thereafter, he further related that America’s Newsroom co-host Bill Hemmer joked on AN (April 26) that Bill and Martha were the “bride and groom” in a pic of them posing together on a fundraiser cruise. Less than a week later, the author reported that on May 2 Bill playfully posited, “So how do we [Bill and Martha] look?” after mentioning “speed dating.”

Adventitiously or not, a week and a day later, Martha was once again sporting seemingly “connubial bling.”  However, almost a month later, Martha did doff her marital band again as reported by the author in Carpe Diem‘s “The Third: Martha’s Independence Day?” Perhaps, not so incidentally, that very next day (the actual Independence Day), Martha had her connubial “shackle” on anew and she seemingly has not been able to escape it since.

But, last night, the appearance of Martha’s “new” ring seemed to suggest that her crested “wedding” ring may have been merely an AN prop that she simply forgot to take last night to AEH. If it were, she should not have feared to eschew any artifice and to lay bare–at least, her left ring finger–before her avid votaries. In fact, she surely would have stoked their ardor all the more with such a naked truth.

Martha: Mrs. or Ms.? An open question.

*Fox & Friends – 09/06/12 (@ 10:59 a.m. ET)

**America’s News Headquarters – 09/06/12 (@ 9:02 p.m.)

“F**k Fox News”

August 24, 2008

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins got the brunt of the “Recreate ’68” protesters’ ire on America’s Election Headquarters today. “Recreate ’68′” was made up of leftists, who hoped to recreate the chaos of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago: they were primarily angry at Dems for not ending the Iraq war and were calling for the end of “occupations” in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and North America. After one of its speakers (radical former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill) refused to speak to him and getting roughed up by the crowd, Griff removed himself from the group but rejoined it as it marched toward Denver’s Pepsi Center (where the Democratic Convention will be held this week). When Griff began to try to interview the marchers, he was met with disdain, obscenity, and harassment. Then, suddenly, he was surrounded by protesters chanting “F**k Fox News” and flipping the bird to the camera.* A gutsy Griff was forced to toss back to Jamie Colby after about 25 seconds of the “f” word elapsed uncensored.

* 2:07 p.m. ET

XF&F Weekend Co-hosts

May 24, 2008

On this Memorial Day weekend, as the Fox & Friends Weekend viewer honors this country’s fallen heroes, in an infinitesimally lesser manner, he/she remembers past F&F Weekend co-hosts. Where are they now? TV couple Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick co-anchor broadcast FOX’s morning news show; Kiran Chetry animates CNN’s American Morning as co-host; Alisyn Camerota heats up F&F First as co-anchor and F&F as news reader; Julian Phillips acts as a motivational speaker; Page Hopkins makes sparing appearances as the Fox News’ Breaking News desk and, reportedly, has been heard on Fox radio; Greg Kelly serves sometimes an FNC America’s Election Headquarters co-host and a news reader on FNC; and Kelly Wright returns as a Fox News Washington D.C. correspondent. Thanks, gals and guys, for the memories.

Megyn K.: Knockout

April 16, 2008

Megan K. seems to be FNC’s new “it” girl. From Kendall to Kelly to Knockout. According to WaPo columnist Howard Kurtz, the lawyer lovely’s audition tape ko’d Brit Hume, Fox News’ Washington managing editor. Kurtz reports that Hume indicated that the demo of this “strikingly attractive” attorney knocked him out. (Apparently so: this “fast-rising” leggy learned’s appearances span FNC’s broadcast day as she co-hosts American Morning, co-anchors the afternoon America’s Election Headquarters, and regularly contributes on the O’Reilly Factor.) As lagniappe, Kurtz notes Kelly’s “hottie” status on the Web and observes that her FNC “morning show…showcases her long legs.”

Watch out, Gretchen, Alisyn, and, Ainsley! Megyn may be poised to take your seat on the Fox & Friends sofa. Is she FNC’s next Kiran Chetry?

Gretch Sandbagged

April 8, 2008

Poor Gretchen Carlson, current co-host of FNC’s Fox & Friends! Yesterday, the former Miss America, who generally does friendlier interviews, got sandbagged by spinmeister Lanny Davis. When she queried the Clinton apologist about Hillary Clinton’s questionable hospital tale (death of poor mother and baby when the hospital allegedly failed to provide health care because of lack of $100 payment) and whether she would drop it from her future speeches, Lanny lit into her and the F&F producer’s tease. He heatedly declared that the story had been “verified” by a deputy sheriff, that the hospital had hedged, and that Hillary would continue to relate the story. As the interview ended, Davis patronizingly added, “And start your teaser differently and be accurate.” Gretchen icily stated, “Thanks for your thoughts, Lanny.”

[Later in the day, Lanny Davis aped his earlier answer to Bill Hemmer on America’s Election Headquarters: Hemmer confronted Lanny with a litany of facts about the story and the campaign’s decision to drop the speech as of last Sunday: Davis backpedalled about the veracity of the story and didn’t reply to Hillary’s dropping the anecdote.]

Alisyn Answers

March 25, 2008

As readers of this blog may know, Ainsley Earhardt, a “temporary” co-host of FNC’s Fox & Friends, was reprimanded for disclosing the uncertain status of the cast of co-hosts on the morning cable news show to this author. Will research I did today get Alisyn likewise spanked for a similar and earlier revelation on F&F’s greenroom blog? On March 10, 2008, in response to a question about whether the “new folks over the weekend” would be around for awhile, Alisyn answered, “I don’t know the plan for the weekend show yet.” Sounds like she let the cat out of the bag first.

Further, responses to questions about the missing Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts were forthcoming on the 3/10/08 greenroom blog. In her answer to a comment about missing Page on F&F Weekend and wondering where she was, Alisyn responded, “Try sending an email to viewer services at about page. they [sic] might get a messagea [sic] to her or have some answers.” In reply to a query about Kelly Wright’s whereabouts, Alisyn declared, “I’m told that he’s doing another show on the weekends, maybe the noon hour? I’ll find out for you.”

It appears that FNC has ushered Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright from their seats of the set on F&F Weekend. Page is ensconced in a more secluded area than Chaney is during a national crisis. Meanwhile, Kelly serves as a FNC correspondent and as a co-host on America’s Election Headquarters (AEHq). For now Greg shuttles back and forth between F&F Weekend and AEHq. Will Ainsley, Greg, and Clayton Morris be given officially the reins to F&F Weekend, or will they be hired a la Craig Livingston?

An aside for John Gibson fans: Alisyn said, “[G]ot the answer about the Big Story…Gibson will be back-not sure exactly when.” She added, “Until then fans can catch him at Sirus [sic] Radio, from 6 to 9, at XM 168, Sirius 145, and also”