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Rob Marciano: “Senor Dreamy”

January 3, 2012

“This is ridiculous!” As new CNN anchors Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin began their virgin voyage together early yesterday morning on Early Start, Ashleigh and Zoraida appeared especially smitten with meteorologist Rob Marciano. Teasing Rob’s appearance in the last segment of the show before the final ad break, Ashleigh remarked, “We’re going to talk weather in just a moment with another favorite colleague, Rob Marciano. He’s dreamy! Did I say that?”* Looking over at Zoraida, she again asserted, “He’s dreamy! He is dreamy.” Smiling, Zoraida replied, “No, I remember that. Very excited about Mr. Marciano!”

As ES returned from commercial for Rob’s report, Ashleigh giggled, “Oh! Oh! All is fair!” Subsequently, as Zoraida introduced erstwhile AM’s Adonis, she cooed, “Rob, I’m gonna call you, Mr. Dreamy because.” Cutting the sexy Latino lovely short, Rob flirted back, exclaiming, “Mister, Senor Dreamy, please.” Rolling her “r’s” in response, Zoraida purred, “Oh, Senor Dreamy.” Seeming slightly embarrassed replied, “This is ridiculous!”

Before Ashley could interject, Rob declared, “I have thirty seconds. I have to cut you off right there.” Ashley answered, “Oh, you’re just too embarrassed to be called Mr. Dreamy on tv.” Rob stammered, “That, that could be it, too.” As the shot zoomed in on a reddening Rob, off-camera Ashley laughed and Zoraida teased, “He’s blushing!”

Early Start: Just the beginning–for Rob and his new gals.

*Early Start – 01/02/12 (@ 6:54 a.m. ET)