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Ainsley Approves Attack on Reagan?

April 30, 2016

Earhardt: “You kinda have to find a little humor in some sad things that happen in life.”¬† Actually, Ainsley, you don’t, especially when that humor is at the expense of the victims¬†themselves, including those victims of dementia such as President Reagan.

Last Thursday (April 30), Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt signaled her approval of Will Ferrell’s starring in and producing a comedic movie that purportedly would mock the now deceased former President Ronald Reagan in his final term as President as being addled by dementia although evidence suggests otherwise according to Reagan’s White House physicians (New Yorker). Ironically, Friday, after fallout from Reagan’s family and other Alzheimer’s victim advocates, the besieged flagging actor Ferrell announced through a spokesman that he would “not [be] pursing this project.”

Introducing F&F co-anchor Steve Doocey‘s man-on-the-street-interview segment (subtitled “A Laughing Matter? Will Ferrell to Star in Comedy about Reagan”), co-host Brian Kilmeade sarcastically said, “So, we told you earlier that Will Ferrell’s going to be producing and will be starring in a movie as Ronald Reagan….And, it’s going to be a comedy, Steve: And, it’s going to be a comedy because it’s so funny that Ronald Reagan lost his memory!”

As the segment concluded, Ainsley remarked, “Steve, I just think a lot of people will go see it because they like Will Ferrell: I think they expect it to be funny. Shaking her head “no” as if she did not believe a word that she was saying, she added, “And, you kinda have to find a little humor in some sad things that happen in life.”

But, Ainsley, that “little humor” should never be at the expense of the victim. And, if so, the heartless comedian becomes the real joke.

Rosenfeld: Doctor Without a Heart?

May 2, 2010

Fox News’ kindly and curmudgeonly cardiologist-in-residence Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld gave a rather awkward “compliment” to his “Sunday Housecall with Dr. Rosenfeld” audience this morning. Before sympathetically discussing the National Institute of Health’s report indicating that Alzheimer’s Disease was not preventable, “America’s Doctor” jested, “I know no one who is watching this program has Alzheimer’s: they’re too smart for that.”* Obviously, Dr. Rosenfeld understands that intelligence is not the issue but that a disease ravaging possibly 5.3 million Americans in its progressive stages (ranging from “no impairment” to “very severe decline”) is.

Assuredly, more than a few of these Alzheimer’s sufferers¬† were watching this morning when Dr. Rosenfeld made his regrettable remark: undoubtedly, some even had knowledge of their condition. At the very least, they and their loved ones deserve an apology from the self-described “Doctor of the Heart.”

America’s News HQ – 05/02/10 (@10:32 a.m. ET)