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Aly: “Here’s the Scoop”

August 22, 2010

Camerota keeps her blog: sorta. Last Sunday Fox & Friends co-host Alisyn Camerota alerted her Alisyn in the Greenroom readers that she was considering closing her blog down. After hearing from disappointed fans and receiving input from F&FWs favorite sloganeer Chas, Aly “relented” yesterday. In a missive to her blog devotees Saturday, Aly penned a post entitled “Here’s the Scoop.”

Initially, Aly reminded her readers that her Alisyn in the Greenroom blog had become “increasingly difficult” for her “to keep up.” Understandingly, she asserted, “Of course, given the community we’ve created here, ending it seemed wrong.”  Trying to keep her fans somewhat satisfied, she declared, “So, it appears we’ve found a solution (with a big assist from chas!).”

Subsequently, positing that it appeared that other F&F “folk” wanted somewhere to ink their “comments and insights” about the program, Aly rhetorically queried, “So…how about we convert the Aly in the Greenroom blog to an overall FOX & Friends blog?” [Explanatory aside: “Rhetorically” because Aly later stated, “I’m told our tech people will work get to work on this shortly: Expect an update next week.”] Then, offering her Alisyn in the Greenroom readers hope that she would be involved in the new FOX & Friends blog, she added, “That way I’ll still be able to check in on weekends but now so will the rest of the gang at all times.  Brilliant, no?”

Brilliant? Yes, if the new FOX & Friends blog offers fans a greater interaction with Aly and the F&F crew than they have otherwise enjoyed. Otherwise, viewers may sense that the “conversion” to the new F&F blog is a transparent ploy to end Alisyn in the Greenroom with Aly’s acolytes none the wiser.

Camerota: Considers Kyboshing Blog

August 17, 2010

Blames “vitriol.” After three weeks of silence on her Alisyn in the Greenroom blog, the “vacationing” Fox & Fans Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota wrote, “Sorry for the blog hiatus–our technical problems have yet to be worked out.” [Italics added for emphasis.] On the day after she had cheerfully Tweeted, “Heading out to the beach. Off tomorrow. Cya!,” Aly began to prepare her readers for the probable end of her Fox & Friends Weekend blog.

After her apology to her readers, Aly began, “Blogging takes more time than I usually have while I’m hosting the show.”  Less than convincingly, she explained, “And as you know, I like to give everyone a thoughtful response (ok, sometimes just a response) which has become harder on wordpress recently, plus reading or writing anything can distract from focusing on the show.” Aly concluded, “So while I figure out if i can continue to do it, if there’s no blog post, you can find me on Twitter.” Then, perhaps, giving the real reason for potentially ending her blog, she added, “I’m warming to Twitter since it cuts down on the vitriol that sadly the blog often falls victim to.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

Holding out hope, albeit faint, to her readers, she exclaimed, “But I’m open to suggestions!”

Aly fans, do not despair. Even if Aly does quit posting articles and corresponding to readers on her blog, she has begun to take Twitter more seriously. The whilom Twitter Twit has finally begun to Tweet more often on her page and to reply more regularly to her followers. Hope still lingers!