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Oscars: Courtney Cut

February 22, 2009

Unfortunately, for Courtney Friel fans, the blonde beauty will not return to the red carpet tonight at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. After an On the Record with Greta van Susteren Oscars report Friday, the FNC correspondent said, “I, unfortunately, won’t be there to cover it. I know there’s [sic] tiny violins playing in the living rooms right now, feeling bad for me.” A sympathetic Greta replied, “I was hoping for that….that you were going to do it.”

Clearly chagrined, Courtney answered, “The economy is affecting us all: Even the corresponding is getting cut down.”  Consolingly, Greta commented, “We’ll have to watch, unfortunately, from our living rooms and miss your commentary: But, Courtney, next year! The economy is coming back so next year!” An appreciative Courtney pumped her fist and, hopefully, asserted, “That’s right!”

No worries, Courtney. According to a Drudge headline, the Oscars this year may be the most boring ever. Chin up!